I am looking at driving to Bellagio

08/21/2014 - 07:35

I am looking at driving to Bellagio next August, any advice on the best route to get there with Hotel stops on the way. 



Ah next August... To be honest I looked at you post and thought  - nah! Madness, no point of departure, going to Bellagio – where on earth is that – Napoli I would guess… However prairiepaintbrush shamed me into at least trying… First off, you are brave to be doing such a trip and planning well in advance… However I’m not too sure how much knowledge you have of what you or doing or how to find out, sorry if that sounds a little harsh, just a Geordie trying to help out… If you Google “driving from Carlisle to Bellagio” you will get niente/nothing… well not about what you want. Try something like “driving from uk to Italy” or “best route from UK to Italy” then you will get lots of answers. Of course you may have already done so and found this site and thought “oh to hell I’ll just ask”, but even here you need to ask the right question… Again apologise if this is a little condescending, but just trying to help Northern pals – by the way Alaska if way further north and so is Newcastle if you are talking England wink

Not offended in the least.It prpbably is just a pipe dream but i thought i would see what my options are, i've got pleany of time to check the prices of flights & car hire - got to renew my passport first & thats a treak to London to get that done. (italian)You are right you dont get much, found ViaMichelin thats not to bad you can add hotels to stop at along the way but otherer than that not much - thought it would have been easier to plan.Just need to win the lottery so i can move there.

Things to consider;-

  1. Length of holiday - driving down will be 2 nights each way - so if holiday is less than 2+ weeks - fly
  2. Where to fly to - Bergamo, Malpensa, Linate or Turin for Bellagio on Como
  3. Car hire costs [including extras]
  4. Number of passengers [seriously affects flight costs, less so driving]
  5. Use of ferries near Carlisle - as already mentiond, cost includes an overnight berth and driving distance from port to Bellagio [Assuming its the one on Lake Como] isn't much difference as that from Calais
  6. You can 'blast down' to Bellagio non-stop, but you'd need at least 2 drivers and a long holiday to recover - better to plan on a couple of nights [say 1 on the boat and one at Colmar]
  7. Type of accommodation - we use Novotel/Mecure/Ibis which costs about £100 a night [for a couple] plus evening meal, but you can do it in Formula1 'hotels' for a lot less [Look at the Accor website]
  8. Route - Down through Belguim, Luxemburg, Fance and Switzerand isprobably favourite - cheap petrol in Luxemburg and Switzerland

If you can 'fill out' those points, we can probably give advice on how to get there and where to stay