Hi everybody,Posted not long ago about

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08/30/2014 - 08:24

Hi everybody,Posted not long ago about looking for a house in veneto or marche...I have just returned from a trip to Marche looking at various properties, and have to say a big thankyou to Kica who has indirectly saved my skin and my savings! I was very keen on a property near Servigliano through an estate agent, I got intouch with Marco, the chap recommended to me by Kica, and it turned out that the house was in a much much worse state that I was led to believe. Or more to the point not told.... Marco pointed out that the house was lacking in any type of foundation..apparently normal in these type of old houses..and that the work needed for the restoration would have cost me double what I had hoped....not so much because of the work, but also because of change of use/destination and a whole load of other burocratic situations......I have not by any means been put off, but it hasn't half opened my eyes to what could have been.....This guy really knows his stuff.....and has pointed me in a better direction than the one I was taking......Thankyou Kica and Marco.This is his link for anyone interested...  www.sites.google.com/site/buildersinspectionsFor my money, he's well worth it, and could save you some very expensive balls ups!! 



Just to update...have now found a house in Veneto, Marco helped out again, and we are now getting a maintenance contract through him too...gold dust, thats what he is...anyway, are there many others on this site in Veneto? I'm in the provincia di Verona...