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09/15/2014 - 11:52

We are looking to buy some hand made terracotta tiles for an outside terrace of about 40m2 and a few internal rooms totaling another 70m2. Our house is the Piedmont region and not far from Asti.If anyone knows suppliers who can deliver there or suppliers in the region that we can visit then that would be great. A web site would be terrific.We would also consider other forms of tiling such as travertine, so general suppliers with a stock range would be good.Thanks in advance for any help.Information on prices would also be good!



Hi, I can help you find what you need.I am from Asti and I'm an Italian architect used to working with foreigers. To know more about me, you can have a look at my profile here and/or visit my website. In Asti or just around Asti you can find many places which sell what you need. Prices of cotto tiles (terracotta) can vary from about 40 to over 100€/square meter, depending on the quality and the way they are produced. I know places which sell them used, too. You can even have them handcrafted and produced just the way you want them (I'm talking about size and color).Consider the fact that real cotto tiles are about 3 cm thick, while reproduction of cotto tiles are about 1 cm. There's also a different way to lay them down (= difference in price). I could go on but, since you're not far from Asti, best thing to do would be to meet, so that I can give you the names of the sellers.Don't hesitate to contact me: I'd be happy to help!Elisabetta

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Hello Elisabetta,Thank you for the information. I am sorry that I have not replied sooner.I will contact you again via your web site in a week or so which I have had a very quick look at.  We would be interested in meeting you, however, it may take some time as I will explain in my e-mail.Kind regards