Linea Verde Province of TEramo

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02/15/2011 - 04:50

not sure if the link will work.. i had to download microsft silverlight to watch Linea Verde Provincia Teramo anyway its one of my favourite TV programs here.. i know its Italian TV and is banned from all intelligent peoples minds as a viewing medium..  you just have to humor my simplistic mind and accept that i am dunmb enough to watch some Italian TV..  i find that if i select rather than vegitate like a sack of potatoes in front of the TV there are programs well worth watching here on both private and state TV and apart from that you sometimes find it good to keep up with things in order to be able to talk with people to my mind the awful san remo evenet is about to begin..  a must for almost the whole Italian population to be able to comment on.. so best to watch it at least once to know whats in and out.. and worth talking about... anyway hopefully the above link works.. its a pretty good look at the Teramo province and shows off many of its best assets.. of course am biased about my opinion as its the place i have chosen to live.. but the program is an excellent countryside program.. and there is a good selction of other progs to view..  will be interested if it works out of Italy..  



I watch Linea Verde by satellite at home in the UK, as I do not get out to Italy often enough.  It is often informative and the episode on Teramo was very interesting.  The Benefit of watching it in England is that it is at a better time, as it interferes with Sunday lunch in Italy, which is far more important. Mela Verde on Rete 4 is on at almost the same time, with an hour's overlap, and I find it easier to understand the pretty dutch/italian presenter, who speaks fluent italian as a foreigner, than to understand italian spoken by a native italian speaker.

Hi Adriatica; I'm coaching Teramo Rugby (at the old Communal Stadium), and often find myself in Teramo kicking my heels between one session and another. If you're around in town let's catch up for a coffee! 338 2105315 Andrew

Thank you so much for posting this link to Linea Verde, Adriatica. I watched a programme on Basilicata: 'A spasso nel Pollino', about the Pollino national park, and it was fascinating. There were items on donkey raising - did you know that donkey milk is very close to human milk, and can be given to infants with digestive problems? - and also on preparing the verious delicacies of the region, cheese, dried peppers - the 'peperone crusco' - and the work of the park rangers in the largest natural park in Europe.