Container from the UK?

11/15/2010 - 15:40

Just wondering how feasible it is to buy a container and fill it with stuff in the UK and ship it out to Puglia? I rather thought I could use it as a workshop / store afterwards...but is it a runner??



It's probably feasible, if you can find a shipping company that will run to Bari, then truck it to your door. The container will cost about two grand to buy (a mate of mine who farms in Cornwall bought one). Lord only knows what the shipping would be, though. All told though, it's a bit of an expensive shed, which is then the work of the Madonna to cut holes in for windows, power, etc. And you need to make sure the locals aren't going to take offence with it in the garden. Where we are, the comune would have a baby if we tried that on. Shamelessly blowing my own bugle here, I could get you a 14 cubic metre vanload to Puglia for considerably less than the cost of buying a container and shipping it. You could throw a flat-packed workshop/shed in there too, if you fancied!

Interesting idea, we are in Scotland, .The main thing I need to put in the container is insulated plasterboard Kingspan K17 to be precise,It's 50 per cent better, than the Italian equivilent (thermal performance). I reckon I need about 10 cubic metres. Kingspan will deliver for about 1200 euros plus vat. I thought I could fill a container with all sorts of odds and sods and save farting about with trailer loads and stressful motorway journeys However I 'm expecting a quote from "thecontainerman "  sometime soon... We have an ugly corner behind the stables where the container could sit fairly unobtrusively (some come with doors and windows fitted) we'll see how it costs out!   Crazy idea perhaps.....

I'd take up Kingspan on its kind offer, to be honest. If it can get 10 metres cubic down there for that price, bite its arm off. That is, if it can sort out any import issues (there shouldn't be as VAT is paid already). Your other stuff might be worth taking down in a hire van. Alternatively, one of my ilk, including myself, would be happy to help with that if your time is better spent not at the wheel for three days each way. But Kingspan is offering a good rate there for the board. Generally, UK building materials work out much cheaper and better than Italian. I've run quite a bit of stuff down, from gates, through bathroom suites and radiators to flooring (ceramic and wood). Tragically, even paying me to take this works out economically. Having visited a building show recently in Marche however, I can see why. Prices of home-grown stuff are astronomical. If anyone needs links to good sources of building supplies in the UK I'll happily pass them on...

    Hi Phil- just reading your replies to the above and made me think that we are getting quotes to have a garden gate built in Italy for our house- but from what you are saying maybe it would work out more economical to buy one here and then have it shipped out. I can price a gate myself but it would be useful if you can let me know how much it would cost to transport from Teddington to Le Marche (as mentioned in a previous reply our place is about ten minutes from the Jesi Centro exit of the SS76). All the best,   Henry

Whilst trying to organise the shipment of some Kingspan K17 to Puglia, my attention was drawn to a multi- layered foil product called  TRI ISO SUPER 10 at only 30mm thick it apparently can be as effective as 210mm of rockwool, it turns out I can buy this for less than  the cost of shipping out the K17. I've read conflicting reports. Has anybody used it and does it really work? Do tell!

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One consideration worth factoring in is the impact of foil insulation on internet and phone signals. I delivered a massive table and chairs recently to a chap who had just restored a lovely old chalet near Chamonix. As we were letting the table down a snow-covered slope and hoisting it through the dining room window he was telling me how brilliant the foil insulation he had wrapped the house with was at keeping the Alpine winter out. Unfortunately it also repels Vodafone signals with amazing effectiveness, so he gets very chilly when he has to go outside and make a call. Oops.

Yeah we know about that - a bit like  a "Faraday cage", but I reckon we will need an aerial on the roof for a decent mobile/internet signal anyway.. more importantly, did the fancy foil insulation do the job as the manufacturer  claims? However, top marks for pointing out a potential downside-as it happens we'll be too busy/knackered to notice a lack of moble signal  in the short term. PS Can you believe  I've just calculated I need 660m of inch by two to dryline the hoose ceilings ,can it rteally be cheaper to haul it out from  UK?? Somebody stop me!!!

I'm the last person who should be saying this, but: look out for a decent legno place, and go wangle a trade discount. Softwood is one thing we've sourced well here (Cellini Arduino, just north of Civitanova Marche for any Marchegiani interested. You need to have the time to have philosophical chats with the gaffer, old Dottore Cellini, but it's worth it for the experience). Shouldn't be any need to ship that out from the UK. It's more the things made out of wood, like gates and fencing etc, that seem to be better sourced oop north. Oh, my client was very happy withthe insulative properties of his higi-tech foil, by the way.

Well, we bought softwood for interior use - floor joists, stuff to make doors, that sort of thing. You MUST be able to get tanalised timber here - although Annie Hawes' mates in Liguria would probably coat softwood with diesel and be done with it. I guess the Italian would go something like: legno trattato sotto pressione, contro humidita. That should get the message across. If not, Kingsland Sawmills it is!

Hi Bunterboy, We need around 100m2 of roof insulation and are looking at shipping it our from UK. Looking at kingspan and also foil insulation option. Would consider a joint shipment (we are in Le Marche, so en-route). Who did you contact at Kingspan to get a good deal, Or if you found the foil insulation for a good price her in Italy, where did you manage to source it? The type of insulation we've been offered here is not worth the bother as the thermal values as so low. Thanks, regards. (Jason most helpful.) Eventually opted for trioso super 10, 144m2 (20% extra free) plus foil tape for 1300 squid.  It cost less than the shipping costs of Kingspan alone. So hopefullly, although it is more work to fit with double battening etc it should give a U value of around 5. The trioso stuff is manufactured in southern France funnily enough (Limoux) and they have an agent in Italy too. I'll be bringing the foil rolls out in my trailer in the summer and will report on it's efficacy later.. PM me for more details. Ciao Billy