Help Required To Re-home Abandoned Italian Dogs

02/22/2011 - 13:25

We are a British couple living in Lazio.  We are animal lovers, so when we moved to live in Italy we brought our own 2 pet dogs with us. But we were deeply saddened by the number of stray, unwanted dogs that there are in Italyand how many canines are badly treated by their owners. It seems Italians do not feel the same attachment to their animals as we do.   In the countryside everyone with a bit of land seems to have a couple of large, vociferous dogs, solely for guarding or hunting purposes. They are generally chained up, often neglected, and shown little or no affection.  Hunters often breed litters of pups and choose the best suited for hunting and literally just throw the others out. During our time here we have taken in numerous stray dogs, feeding and generally looking after them. All the females have been spayed and all dogs have been annually vaccinated at our own expense. Fortunately we have a very kind and friendly vet who has charged only for medicine / vaccinations, but nothing for his time, and a couple of other benefactors. We can’t thank them enough. Sadly, however, we are finding that our circumstances are changing, as due to family reasons we need to spend more time back in the UK.    We are therefore searching for some kind, caring, genuinely dog friendly people / familiesto help us re-home some of these abandoned dogs: Please take a minute to look at our webpages: Many thanks