Can anyone tell me where I can buy good

08/25/2015 - 20:33

Can anyone tell me where I can buy good quality furniture, homwares(and everything else needed to furnish a new apartment)? My place is approx 15km out of L'Aquila, Abruzzo. I will need them to be able to deliver. It would also be easier if they have stock on hand as I will only be there for 2-3 weekks.thankyou 



Your best option would be to find a local store, these are normally no bigger than a house here and may well not be too obvious. Don’t be put off by the lack of products on display, many carry little, but they have numerous catalogues of every type and value product you could think of. Tell them what you want and what you are looking to pay and they will show you many. Delivery will be free, fitting will be free and you won’t get better service. Problem might be the length of time you are there. Assume Ikea is not what you are looking for or perhaps Mondo here? Both these are on line and the latter you could possibly order some of what you want before you get there. Best of luck.

Ciao Sonia, to buy various furnishing solutions at a good price I suggest you the site of Marino fa Mercato at this url: Thursday, September 24 also there is a special promotion with free shipping charges for each purchase made on the site. You can also specify to have the furniture in the period in which you are in Abruzzo.

http://www.mondoconv.itWe got out Kitchen here and some furniture.  They deliver within 110 kilometres I think. They also built the furniture when they deliver which is a bonus. Quality is good and service we had no problems with - even when they accidentally broke the glass cooker hood.. They cleaned it all up and arrange to come back with a new one and fit it ( they even changed the worktop because he had noticed a small chip caused he thinks by the glass ). We could also choose a day that suited us. Some of the furniture can be delivered within 48 hours.  Price wise - we found it to be very reasonable