I live in the campania region of Italy

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10/15/2015 - 07:27

I live in the campania region of Italy Prov salerno and need an English speaking solicitor does anyone know how I can find one? 



Dear Bagni,Italian succession law reserves a significant quota of the inheritance to very close relatives: spouse, ascendants and descendants (children), who are all defined as “forced heirs”, meaning that the testator cannot exclude them with their Will. When drafting an Italian Will, the testator is free to dispose of a part of his assets known as “disposable quota”. This allows the testator to assign only a part of their assets to strangers or non-relatives.You can find more information about Italian inheritance in this guide:http://www.italianinheritance.it/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Italian_Inheritance_Guide.pdfDe Tullio Law Firm