Hi! I'm 2nd/3rd generation American

Sarah Culver Image
12/23/2015 - 19:00

Hi! I'm 2nd/3rd generation American with ancestry from Italy and am looking to become a duel citizen. I have some slight problems though, into looking to see if I am eligible as my Italian-born grandparents were born around 1907, and on the other side a little bit later. Understandably, they have died before I was born or when I was a kid (at age 90). I know there's a few loopholes, as my great-grandfather become a citizen, and so his wife (my great grandmother) automatically did too, making me (and my parents) inegible. What is the easiest way for me to see who is a citizen and who didn't become a citizen without spending much money? I've tried Ancestry, and little to none of the official records are on there that I would need for this.. Thank you!



Best bet is to contact Homeland Security to find out when they naturalized. If your grandfather was born before your great grandfather became a citizen and your grandfather did not become a citizen then you could apply under him. Another thought is to make an appointment with your local Italian Consulate. They can help you too. After 3 years and some $ we have been approved for duel citizenship and are awaiting our Italian passports. We plan to move next year and try it for one year. Our blog is: ouritalianjourney.com