I am having a nightmarish time with my

02/11/2016 - 03:49

I am having a nightmarish time with my neighbours, in the Frosinone area where I live. Where can I get help or stop their harassment? I have tried filing for a querella but it was 18 months ago and we have heard nothing. They have caused us much expense and damaged our car, property, destroying a garden wall that had been there for over 60 years, so not because we had built it. They have stolen fencing, put acid on all my herbs and plants, snapped young trees that we planted. They also shout racial abuse and bring bags of rubbish and throw them outside our door. We have videoed much of this behaviour. The police, carabinieri say they have more important work than to deal with minor local arguments! In the UK we would now have a catalogue of evidence sufficient to prosecute for harassment or racism.  The wife even drove her car at my husband when he was up a ladder.If anyone can help at all, please, we just want to be left in peace to live in what was our dream home.