Hello, I love the community here!

03/26/2016 - 14:15

Hello, I love the community here!  We are moving to Genzano di Roma on July 1st and my question is, other than Ikea, Mondo Convenizia, and Maisons du Monde, what other furniture stores are there that I can shop online and have things set to be delivered upon our arrival? Thanks so much 



If you don't get any recommendations, try here in the Yellow Pages. Your problem might be on the payment side as a lot of places here will not accept anything other than an Italian credit card (if indeed any card). If you have an Italian bank a/c, then it should be easy if you can find a place that does online shopping.... 

We've had a house in Genzano di Roma for over 10 years - you will love it here. We initially got most of our furniture from Ikea/brought it from UK/Mondo Convenienza and a couple of shops which have now shut. There are lots of shops on the Appia but they usually specialise in lighting or sofas or hardware etc so it depends on what you want. When we need something we usually research online then drive around the various shops we find as the shops often have different items to the website!