Was going to visit Casoli/Lanciano the

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06/02/2016 - 20:57

Was going to visit Casoli/Lanciano the week of the 15 August - to look to view property and contact estate agents - is this a bad time to come re public holidays etc Any advice would be gratefully appreciated I



Hi - best thing is to contact the local estate agents and tell them that you intend to come on the week of 15th August. That week is like the week at Christmas where everyone is on holiday....but for Estate Agents and the tourism sector it is all part of their job that their clients or possible future clients come on that week -  you will certainly not be to only foreign clients or tourist who come to Italy in that week. But best email or phone the agents in advance so as the can organise themselves better to help you. Ciao Conor

Yes Ferragosto is not the best of times to try and get anything done throughout Italy. In fact whole of August is not too good... However we have found in the last few years that it is not as bad as it used to be in Abruzzo, but very good advice from Ronco is to get in touch with any agents beforehand. To be honest we took our time (near on 2 years) and it paid off and it even more of a buyers market there nowsmiley

Ha! Some agent, lot of people would say typical! I'm a northern boy, much better class area  the Teramo regionwink Seriously you need to be careful, okay I don't know that area well, but one look on the map and Torricella Peligna is in the middle of nowhere and likely there is little, if any public transport!  I trust no estate agents (sorry Modi, you I would likely trust) and I would have little faith in the one you are talking to unless you have not told them exactly what you want or they have not understood... I'm being kind here... This guy I find to be a pain in the bum on our local Abruzzo forum, but I'm sure he can't be any worse than what you have and at least he (kind of) is English (from Yorkshire). If you are happy with the agent you have been in touch with, tell them in no uncertain terms what you have asked for and that you don't want to see any houses outside of that area! Good luck...

Also bear in mind that they may well  say they will be open during August and then be closed when you arrive.   MOst agents assume August is for lookers and timewasters, the serious buyers will come back after peak season and search thoroughly.   Depends where you are though.  

 I would be interested in the forum if anyone has detailsalsi Thanks to all for advice and comments - I will go anyway  and if it's a no show by agents ( 2/3 have offered already) hopefuly I'll see maybe see something and if not I'll enjoy the break and go again in sept / oct. Also  I have a limited budget and know where and what I need - so can't budge on that .

I don't think it would be good form to post a link to another forum here, although I don't know why forums object to such? I use this forum as an "Italy wide" forum and our local for purely Abruzzo interests and see little wrong with that. Anyway most forums do object to links to others, but a simple web search under "Abruzzo forum" will get you to it. There are a number, but most are really defunct now and only one is still going strong in the face of the rise of social media.