Does anyone know where you can buy old

09/19/2016 - 08:33

Does anyone know where you can buy old stone for building a low bit of garden wall (20cm high). The kind to use with mortar, not a dry stone wall per se. Not sure of the name for such a place - a stone supplier rather than a quarry itself. No luck with gardening suppliers or searching 'pietra/e' when jewellry shops or stone flooring comes up! We need a fairly small the southern Le Marche. Trying to sort from the UK, otherwise I would pop into local shops and ask around.... Thanks for any tips. 



HiTry searching 'sassi per muratura' or 'pietre per muratura'Most places that sell 'materiale edile' will be able to source these for you from a local quarry or stone supplier. They will definately be able to get it for you.Search 'materiale edile' to find your local builders merchant.

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That's very kind of you, thanks. It's actually to go around a gas tank to prevent cars driving into it (!)  in our driveway. We can't get out of doing it if we want gas delivered again, so trying to do it without it becoming a nice little earner for the geometra, the stone-mason etc etc! Appreciate your advice. Best wishes.