Hi,Can anyone advise me how to contact

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10/24/2016 - 10:41

Hi,Can anyone advise me how to contact enel from the UK.  I have paid someone in Abruzzo to pay my bills, but he hasn't paid them and I believe enel have tried to deliver a registered letter so I'm frantic with worry, and none of the numbers seem to work on their website or if they do, I have no idea what they are saying.  So wondered if there was an easy way of contacting them so that I can try and sort the mess out that I'm in.Thanks, Ann 



Idon't have contact details for ENEL - but I experienced something similar when the Water people turned up to disconnect my holiday home [for non-payment of a 12 Euro bill 5 years ago]I was 'saved' by local Italians.  One stopped them from cutting me off, by explaining I was not resident at the place, and could they wait for a few days whilst I was contacted - luckily the water people agreedHe then contacted a close friend of mine, as he himself spoke no English.  My english speaking friend contacted me and the water people and sorted everything out - all I had to do was get my Italian Bank to pay the outstanding bill.  It took about 2 weeks to fully sort out.There was no way I could have done it without an Italian friend to do it for me [the main thing is that he, as an Italian, knows how to work the system]SO - can you get a local person, who you trust, to mediate for you? [daft thing was - when they finally read the water meter - I was 120 Euros in credit]

I haven't even got to the water yet.  It's probably already been cut off.  I totally relied on someone to pay all the bills whom I had given the money to end of last year and he hasn't paid one bill.  So trying to work out and contact every supplier.  I've managed to sort enel through my bank, and just had on line chat with gas and they are sending me the 3 bills that have not been paid.  I'm worried about the tax as I don't know where to start with that.  We don't get over very often so I haven't picked up any mail if they've sent to me.Thanks all for the replies.Ann 

Do you have an old bill.  Most energy companies will have a section 'Come e dove pagare la bolletta'- and will quote an IBAN number for payment. You will also need to quote your client number 'Codice Cliente'.You could pay this from your UK bank account - iif you don''t know how much you owe, just pay something on account, or if you have an Italian account make a direct payment from there.

"Is there a direct debit system that can be used to pay regular bills such as electric and water etc?"Yes - I pay Gas, Water and Electric bills by direct debit from my Italian Bank account - probably the only reason I have an Italian bank account at all.The ones I cannot pay by DD are the IMU/TASI  bill which i used to calculate using an on-line Calculator, http://www.amministrazionicomunali.it/imu/calcolo_imu.php ,   but for the last couple of years the Comune have sent the bill [F24 Form] to my English address.  I then sign the F24 Form and scan and email it to my bank for them to pay.Hope this helps