We are having a problem working out our

03/28/2017 - 05:34

We are having a problem working out our TV.  We purchaased a Samsung Smart TV as well as a decoder and we have a Smart Card.  All seem to be much smarter than we are......  We are located in Fabro/Ficulle and are in need of finding a technician to help us set up the TV.  Meno male, the internet works great!!!!



Lisa, can't help with a contact, but interested to know more ... We looked at a Samsung tv recently , but they had built in decoders. It's the Smart Card bit that's of interest, what s it, what does it do. Obviouslt not how as that's the problem you have! I liked the fact their mobiles could communicate so well with the tv, hence we were looking at purchasing a set for the UK and still are doing so.

At least it bumps the post Lisa! So the card is just a tv card - thanks.Perhaps if you post the model number someone might have such and know what to do. Really these days the tv set-up should be done for you automatically by just plugging it in and switching on! I'm guessing the model you have has either a "freesat" or "freeview" decoder built in, some Samsungs sold in the UK have both, but I assume the naming will differ elsewhere in the world. So you would need a sat dish or digital aerial, for the latter I understand all of Italy is now digital. I also recall our neighbour (80 yr old) worrying us as he climbed up to replace his aerial a fews years back! Daft question, but you sure what you have is connected okay?