HelloCould anyone on this site please

01/28/2018 - 06:20

HelloCould anyone on this site please clarify the ENEL charges to non residents?  Our old house in the North’s bills went up to €100 due to the tv licence, but since changing agents dropped to €25, what a difference.  We are only there one week a year so far.  Then the small property in the South is continually €46.60 every other month and we haven’t visited for nearly two years due to ill health.Ive looked for an email address for ENEL but had a feeling that I read somewhere that the second non resident in Italy has to pay €46.60, is this correct?ThanksBabs  



Thanks Modicasa, I think everyone has noticed the difference lately.  It’s the TV licence that has given the shock, what a good idea adding it to the electricity bill, can’t wriggle out of it then.  Babs

the standing charge is around 32 euro a month - regardless of whether you use any electricity. I would get the tv licence removed if youre hardly ever there- they automatically put it on unless you told them- there was some warning of this on the tv before it happened but if you dont have one thats barmy of course