Is it possible to purchase a hot air

05/09/2018 - 22:59

Is it possible to purchase a hot air clothes dryer in Italy? I have only found the evaporative dryers. They take such a long time and waste a lot of water. I appreciate any advice. Thank you



Katie I have to guess here that this is a type of "tumble dryer" (an English/American difference in name?), anyway if it is, have you had a look at a couple of the bigger company web sites for what you are after. Just to get an idea as often they are not too cheap, but the likes of Media World here have most things. Another is Trony here, they might give you an idea.

Katie I have to admit to not being up on tumblers, but those in the Media link, are they not what you are after? I did try to find a post on a local forum where some guy posted about an online place that he said was very cheap and good on delivery. Iper also do white goods, but I'm afraid they are expensive as well as the two linked companies, I certainly know their delivery charge is stupidly high!

Media world only has the kind that evaporate. I have never used this kind of dryer. I hear so many negative things about them, I wanted to have a tumble dryer. I would love to have a combination. I arrive in Tocco in 3 weeks and I can start my search. I appreciate your advice. I saw them on the other site online. They were not terribly expensive. Now I must find out if it is possible to vent the air dryer. Thank you Katie