Can anyone give me a rough idea of how

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05/21/2018 - 03:32

Can anyone give me a rough idea of how much a 'APE'  (House Energy cerificate) should cost me here in Northern Tuscany. I've been quoted €250 plus IVA by two Estate agents.Many thanks 



Hi... based on my experience APE may cost around 200 Euros, more or less that is the price for it, depending on a few circumstances it could be slightly more, but that's just for you to have an idea. This is when the architect or the engineer is actually going to do the inspection in person. This seems more accurate and you can use the professional there during the visit to ask some relavant questions and technical aspects which may be useful for you in the future to know. However, nowadays you can find some professionals/companies on line which provide you with the APE without an inspection, unless they deem it necessary. The price in this case is way cheaper, could start from 40 Euros. Browse on the internet for more info and speak to more than one professional in order to possibly choose one which is nearby and that can give you a reasonable price.Angelo