In mid Septemer of this year we will be

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06/24/2018 - 13:26

In mid Septemer of this year we will be in Venice for the first time.   We have 2 1/2 days there.  Is it worth spending some of the time for a trip out to Murano?Thank you!



Absolutely worth your while, but you need to be sure not to take a tour to do so.  Take a vaporetto to Murano and you can walk the streets and visit the shops and galleries full of glass.  There are studios that offer free demonstrations - usually right by the stops.  There are a number of good restaurants on the main drag as well.  Venice Glass Week - for the 2nd year will be Sept 9-16, so for that there will be more glass around Venice during that time.  Murano can be a wonderful escape from the crowds of Venice.  Have a wonderful time!

I think so. You can spend an hour or a day on Murano, it's completely up to you. I think an awful lot about Venice can only be experienced from the water.A short boat ride to Murano and/or Burano adds to that. I would also encourage riding a vaporetto line from one end to the other. You'll experience Venice the way it was in times gone by, and see the 'fronts' of all the ca's.

Completely worth it! I think the easiest way is taking the Vaporetto to Murano from Piazza San Marco. Then, the same vaporetto will take you to Burano. You can stop first in Murano (as I did) or Burano. Murano is bigger and you can spend 2-3 hours there. Burano is a very small island but is nicer than Murano. The 1-hour visit could be OK. There are options to have a lunch in both places. It's going to be a great trip for you but there are lots of tours you can take in Venice. Have a look at some famous Venice tours.