Hi,Does anyone know a good contractor

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06/05/2018 - 09:43

Hi,Does anyone know a good contractor in (the neighborhood of) Montefino, Abruzzo? Preferably english, french or german speaking, te restore a old farmhouse. 



I don't, but there is a builder who has just completed a job on the house down from us. A very small concern, but we watched them (they are not too fast mind you) completely renovate the house and they did a great job. Seeing the effort they put into it and hearing the praise from the new English owners, I’d say they are very good. Problem is I do not have a contact and I’m not in Italy at the moment. However you may be able to track them down, they have “DRA” on their truck and van and are from Loreto Aprutino as I understand. I’m pretty sure they would travel to Montefino, but note they are at the moment doing yet another house near us. Regards the language, if you don’t already know her, there is a lady in Castiglione who does work as translator and from what I’ve heard is quite reasonable. Get back if you don’t get any better advice and want me to try to find out more information as I’m back there very soon.

Hi Steve yes I am in Abruzzo, Avezzano, L’Aquila Province. How about you? Do you happen to know anyone living in this area who I could connect to ? Just to practice my English haha and make friends :)))

Hello, if your still looking, I have an architecture-historical preservation-garden design studio in Rome. We are Italians and an American (so bilingual Italian English). We’ve worked in Abruzzo before and some of our contractors are based in souther Abruzzo. Below is our website and you can contact us through through email or phone, if you like. Best of luck. www.info@studiofarre.cominfo@studiofarre.comKind regards,Patricia 

Hi OttoHows the restoration going?  Did you manage to find any good contacts?  We have relocated from the Uk to le Marche and are not too far from Montefino.  We have had structural works done to our house and finding a reliable building company was hard but it worked out well at the end.  Would be interesting to know how you got on and if you need any help with the language I speak Italian.  Ciao for now.  DavidGary