I would be visiting Italy in mid

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05/28/2018 - 07:12

I would be visiting Italy in mid September for 19 days. I will be staying in Maratea for a week. I intend to visit Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri and Amalfi from there. It would involve daily train trip to naples for about 3-4 days as i would return to Maratea for night stay daily.I need to know how full will be trains between Maratea and Naples. Do i need to reserve seats ? Reservation makes the plan rigid. One gets bound to follow it. Without reservations, we can enjoy the visit as we like till last train or earlier and return at will. This was the case in Switzerland and we renjoyed the train travel with lot of flexibility as no reservations were ever needed because trains were never packed full. If that is not the case and seats are not likely to be available without reservation. i have to work out my daily schedule and reserve accordingly.Do i need to go for reservations for journey between Maratea nad Naples ?



Thanks for sugesting that beautiful artical giving so much details.Can you please confirm whether Maratea to Naples is on regional train network ? Are all intercity trains part of regional network ? Are all trains other than hi speed trains under frecca... are part of regional network ?

You can get all the train times, and type of train [intercity regional etc] on the German Rail Planner site for european rail timeshttps://www.bahn.com/i/view/index.shtmlAs to whether the trains will be full - who knows, but I wouldn't expect it to be a major problem

HI Sunil,Glad to see you are visiting this part of Italy. Maratea is a special place and you will enjoy it. In MY opinion forget those other places and visit the surrounding region. It may all look close on the map but Maratea in comparison to the the other locations is quite akward for travel.  BUT.....if you insist your best bet is to visit the www.trenitalia.com website and put some dates in but I imagine that mid September should be fine because most of the university students and workers have already headed NORTH. Check where you are staying as there are 2 stations in Maratea. If you can get to SAPRI (next main coastal town heading north) you will have more choice. I'm sure there would be local buses as well. All trains will stop there anyway, where you may have to change for other trains. From SAPRI there is also a boat ferry service running through summer that hops along the coast and also goes to CAPRI on selected days but just can't remember the name.Amalfi coast best option is to get train to SALERNO or check that boat ferry service. Sorrento either Salerno or Naples.Pompeii is an all day event and there are actual buses going to Naples that drop you off at the gates but these leave from towns which are inland a bit (Rivello, Lagonegro etc), otherwise on the train via Salerno and Napoli.Check also www.maratea.infoHope this helps and ENJOY!!!