We are planning on driving from the UK

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03/08/2019 - 11:18

We are planning on driving from the UK to Italy via Switzerland. In the car we will have flat pack kitchen units and an electric hob. I understand that we are allowed to take items to the value of CHF 5000 duty free and our items fall under that amount. Has anyone experienced any problems with this kind of thing? Presuambly we should take invoices as proof of value. Any advice would be appreciated.



Is your electric hob used or brand new? If it is still in its package as a new item, bring your purchase receipt, just to be on the safe side.
By the way... any interest in buying an apartment in Italy. If you come into Italy from the Locarno, Brissago, Cannobio route you can drive along the magnificent east bank of Lago Maggiore. I have an aprtment for sale on a hill overlooking the lake. Details if interested.

We have driven through Switzerland several times with things for our house. We have taken purchase receipts with us, but have never been asked to produce them. They always seem more interested if we have got a vignette for our trailer than what we are carrying. We usually hit Switzerland via Basel and then towards Milan. Fingers crossed you will also sail straight through. Buona fortuna!