Once I arrive in Italy I would very

06/02/2014 - 19:13

Once I arrive in Italy I would very much like to work.....perhaps just a couple of days a week to keep busy but to also learn the language. How easy or how Hard would it be for someone who speaks english and a little italian to get some work? 



Hi Steve,Luckily I do not have to work to survive.... But just thought it would be an experience to spend some time in an enviroment where I could converse and learn the language but also meet people.Can I ask? Where are you and what do you do in Italy?

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Hi Sonia, we too live in Abruzzo, but not L'Aquilla. Afraid we have never worked here, so have no real experience of doing so, but we know many that have/do and have seen theplaces closing down here over recent years. Things do seem to have turned the corner slightly, but it is still not good. Skills here will go a long way to help and especially unique skills, but I don't think speaking English would be enough without very good Italian as well. However if you are not dependant on the money you could perhaps help out formally or otherwise. Of course it would be nice to sort something out immediately, but I would suggest that once you are over here it will be easier. Different post I know, but I would post approximately when you intend to come over and what type of accomodation you prefer (apart from cheap of course); village, town, flat house, with or without land etc... It may be that out of season there are opportunties to rent cheaper, but then again L'Aquiila can get mighty cold in winter. Sure you will, but finally, always have plan "B" , "C".... :)

Hi Sonia, not sure whether you made it to Italy as the last post was dated some time ago, however in regards to working and speaking English. I spent some time in Italy during my month stay I travel to various places North and South and I never came across a language barrier. If so I would suggest staying in a tourist area. The more rural areas you will find less english speaking natives. I'll also add, Im a Distributor for a Global company called "itWorks" and just this week they announced we will be moving into Italy.. Our products are awesome.. if you are looking for work and not sure how getting into Italy's main stream you may want to get out our company. All my info is in my Bio.. Happy Travels !!  Ita