Me and my husband bought house. We

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04/25/2019 - 19:03

Me and my husband bought house. We hired geometra, workers.. and we rent apartment. It’s expensive. Question: can I move in the house when inside work done and exterior work still not done? We paint house and adding balconies. Thank you, Marianna 



Talk to the Geometra. The likely reason against you living in your house is that it is still classified as a building site and for Health and Safety Rules you cannot live there, but there are ways around it - legal ones and non-legal ones. The person responsible for the Health and Safety is the one to speak to- most likely your geometra.     

instead of selling the house, it simply changes the company that carries out the work, your surveyor has, for sure, made the company sign a contract, with the dates of beginning and end of work, if the company does not respect the terms, you have right to claim damages.

Story is. Our friend and neighbor in Italy highly recommend architect and workers. We trust her opinion. We didn’t know nobody at that time and we existed to move in the Italian house as soon as possible. We sign document and give permission to architect get permits to restore villa. After 3 months workers start work in January, 2019. We ask architect for documents and drawings and she never give it to us any documents.  And we payed her a lot. From the beginning workers work couple days a week, after when we complain workers start work every day, but not for long time. Architect send us always new bill.. we cannot understand why we need to hire ingenier, geometra and Sicurezza of lavora. We hired plumber and electrician in the beginning of March, 2019. We still don’t have at least one working toilet. Our workers took 2 weeks vacation and I warned them... my rent expires in the end of May and kitchen is ready and must be install in the beginning of May. I start complain to architect why they took vacation when we need finish downstairs and install kitchen. She answered..., workers was planned vacation and it’s why they are on vacation. Why they didn’t hire somebody to finish downstairs? . Why nobody told us that workers will have vacation? Finally I got drawings. We doesn’t have any contract with workers. We should sign contract, but we didn’t. We trust everybody. I talk to some professionals and they told me:1. Change lock on the house2. Hire commercialista and check how lawful all bills and contract 3. After hire lawyer to fire architect and workers ( because they can take us to court because we took they are jobs) If it’s correct staytment? 

it is correct to stay at home ?  - probably yes, but obviously if you don't have a toilet, doors, windows ... besides the lack of the most elementary hygienic rules, you also risk finding someone at home, at any time of day or night. At least, have you checked that this "architect" is really an architect ? , because from how you describe his way of working - without a contractor, a contract for work, a company charged with certain work delivery dates, and above all the fact that he practically forced you to hire a surveyor, comes to think that IT IS NOT. An architect does not need a surveyor to do his job, in case it is the opposite.In which Region, near which city, Italian is the house located?

It would be right to ask the Architect to have the firm that is carrying out the work sign a firm date, for the delivery of the finished house, with perhaps a penalty to be paid, if the date is not respected.For, in any case, if the renovation of the house involves the renovation of the electrical, hydraulic and thermal systems, and if they really started working from January, one / two days a week, by the standards of Italian restoration companies, in a area of difficult accessibility as Rapallo, it is unthinkable to hope to have the house finished in 4/5 months.

You suggesting stay with the same architect and contractors, than hire other contractors with who I can communicate easy and who can do a better job? My architect and contractors ignore me, lying to me and do lousy job right now... do you think if we sign contract with dates...will be change something? They have other projects to finish also. I really don’t know what to do.  

Well, this can only be decided by you, the fact remains that, according to Italian law, if your architect does not agree to transfer the building permit obtained by him, with his signature, without asking for payment for lost earnings, that the license would have given him, to another surveyor or architect. You cannot object and the new technician will have to submit a new building permit request with the costs and times you already know.

The architect cannot force you to choose a particular contractor. As a rule, the construction manager (architect) prepares a metric calculation, and submits it to 2/3 companies, which will make their offer, downwards, on the calculation of the construction manager, and the choice of the company, is made by owner of the house, supported by the construction manager who advises, based on his experience, the best of the companies / offers received. - It is also the use, that between the company and the owner of the house, a contract is stipulated (called CAPITOLATO) where the materials to be used are clearly defined, the quality of the works to be carried out, the times to be respected and the penalties that they must be paid: by the company if it does not deliver the work within the time established, or, by the owner of the house, if he does not make payments to the company, within the agreed time.

Thank you for your help. Really appreciate. You know soo much. Do I need let architect know I want fire old contractors and hire another? I try make appointment with architect and interpreter, but architect want meet together with our neighbor. I can’t understand why? We have capitolato, we didn’t sign, it’s no date of start and finish, it’s no materials, no quality of work, no penalty.... nothing... just prices for work and his stamp. We never had a choice of different contractors and architect also charge us 4% of what contractors make + we payed a lot for permits. 

Paying for permits is normal, payments are made on modules called F24 - it is enough to go with the modules, to the municipality, to check if all payments have been made for figures requested by the municipality.If you do not speak Italian, it is good that you get an interpreter, if you do not know any, go to the notary with whom you signed the deed of purchase for sure in bilingual form, and get the address of his translator / interpreter confidence .If the architect wants to meet you with the presence of the neighbor, there is a good chance that there is some agreement between the two, or maybe, simply, he is convinced that the neighbor manages to convince you, to leave the works to him (I would not like to think that someone thinks bad things, but it is also probable that the company pays a percentage on the work done, to the architect, by way of ... <thanks for having provided him with the job>)If you bought the house as a "first home", 4% is probably VAT on the firm's materials and invoices MORE >  at the meeting between you, the neighbor and the architect, it would be good to have a fourth person present, who understands both English and Italian well - perhaps a surveyor, whom the architect does not know -This person must, look like a friend of yours, speak the possible mono! If he is a surveyor, who therefore understands all the terms the architect speaks of - he will then be an excellent witness! (to be used if you do not reach an agreement and are forced to go to court) 

You can't legally live in the house till it has its certificate of habitation from the comune but much to the horror of our architect we did for a month with no doors or windows as our rented property was sold from under us. Don't leave any valuables around (TV, cash etc) and keep quiet baout it.