am in search of an English

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09/14/2019 - 17:58

 am in search of an English speaking Veterinarian in Rome for my small dog. I will be traveling with him from the USA and will need to see a local veterinarian to obtain an EU pet passport 



Hi Carole33,I will tell you this process will not be easy, as I too traveled to Italy (twice now) from the USA and unlike what the USDA website states, a veterinarian will not issue an EU Passport. They will however, issue a health certificate certifing that the pup is in good health and able to travel back to the US.We went to Rome both times and saw three different veterinarians who all told us the same thing, they will not issue an EU passport. You must go to an official office, who will only accept payment that is made first at the post office and the office hours of the official office are sporatic and they do not speak English. The veterinarian gave us a website, but there is only an Italian version. Here it is and I hope it helps.

Hi. Please remember that Leishmaniosis is endemic in Italy and dogs have to be protected against the sandfly. A Seresto collar is a good start. To that end there is an excellent Facebook site called Living with Leish. I recommend anyone travelling or living with dogs in Italy to join thìs English speaking group and make use of their knowledge. In their files section they have a database of recommended vets and you should be able to find a recommended one in Rome that speaks English. If not post the question to the group and you are sure of a prompt reply as all members are very aware of dogs arriving in Italy not succumbing to this horrible disease.