Hi i was wandering if anybody can help

09/25/2019 - 14:46

Hi i was wandering if anybody can help me. Me and my son want to start a business in italy when we move over in jannuary. We will be running it from our house in the out buildings. I've been looking on other web sites about starting company and im confused with it, any help would gratefully received



Hi thank you for your advice, would you know an accountant in the area of abruzzo that could help me. We would like to restore old motorcycles and cars, plus we have an olive grove that we need to put back into order and then harvest themyours greatfullydave 

Two very different things which require two different approaches.   Ollive grove - agrictultural, one of you needs  to be a coltivatore diretto to get all the benefits/grants etc.  The other is requires a partita IVA (VAT number) unless you go for forfettario, and depending on the age of your son, would be an idea to put in his name, as he will get tax breaks if he is young.   And so on.  You need specialist advice about how to approach it.   If the motorbike business is in outbuldings ..  whose?  If they are yours, then your son should rent them from you and its a deductible expense, etc etc.  

Hi there,It really depends on what type of business you are planning on opening...I opened a PAP store years ago and went through hell. You need to anticipate on everything. Do as much research as you can online as you could see 4 different accountants and none would give you the same info. Always a good thing to arrive prepared so that you can ask all the right questions and get as much information as possible.If you don't ask, there is a big chance they will forget tell you.They will however help you with getting started with your "partita IVA" (which will declare your business and allow for you to pay taxes ;) )The Camera di Commercio is also a good place to start even if the given information is never complete.Take care and hope all will be fabulous for you and your son.