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02/19/2012 - 06:33

Doe's anybody know a van hire company in uk that will let you drop off in Italy. Hoping to move to Marche april but still hav'nt made our minds up how we will get our stuff out.Any idea's welcome.



Its very unlikely you would be able to find a hire firm that would do a one way hire. As the previous reply suggested, Paul White is very good and if you want a second quote try, phone 01823 322869, they are very competitive. Good luck when you move. Alan

Hi, We are moving back to the UK from Le Marche and will be hiring a self drive van (Long wheel base Luton) from UK in May and driving it out to Italy.   We are looking for someone who would like to fill the van up from the UK end to Italy and basically halve the overall cost with us.  I wonder if this is of any use to you? Ben

Wondered if anybody knows of a van and man type service (Philip White doesnt seem to be operational now)?. We need to take some household stuff back to the Uk. Or alternatively someone who needs furniture bringing to Italy/le marche from the UK who would like to share costs??? Or anyone who has an empty van going back etc etc

I was trying to find someone to go halves on a van but am not sure of timing quite yet. We would like to bring out some belongings from the UK to central Italy, Lazio (Rieti) so if we hired a van from the UK for a week it could get out to Italy and back I imagine. We are flexible about timing - at a push we could possibly be in a position bring out some stuff this Autumn/Winter. 

I've finally found a company who will ship smaller loads out here to Italy (Marche; Ascoli Piceno). Background story; I need some sports kit (Rugby Contact Shields) and the best quote for shipping 10 of these smallish foam filled pads was about £360 just for the shipping costs! This doubled the cost of each shield. Contacting a different supplier in U.K. they are shipping 10 shields out to me for a total shipping cost of £60! They are using a company called DSV, who will include my stuff in a container that leaves at the end of September for here. . I'd emphasise that have no connection with this company except being part of a customer / supplier situation. Could be an idea...

Just want to say be careful we are just taking a small removal company to court for the damage they caused to our furniture 8 weeks ago, cant put to much on here incase they use this site.

I used a website called, very good in our experience. You basically post your route and load on the site and await bids from the transport companies on the approved list. The bids started at £1995.00 and after 3 days of bidding we got it down to £800.00. The bid was to collect from NW England 5nr bathroom suites(about 1 tonne) and deliver to southern Marche. He left Thursday midday and delivered the following Friday evening, all in a top notch job!

Jayne, As you can see from from my previous comment be careful we checked into the company and they had insurance we even took their ref number for the policy and they were recommended. But after damaging our goods they will not send us a claim form and we cant go direct. We are putting this through trading standards and just trying to sue them from italy not easy.

I have just sold my house in Italy. But as a condition of the sale, the buyers want me to remove 2 sofa's and 2 mattress's. As I live in England I have no use of these items and will need to dispose of them. I need help getting them out of the house (possibly by window).So does anyone one know of a couple of burley blokes with a van who could help.The house is close to Pescia, approx 40 minutes from Lucca.