Can anyone recommend a mortgage advisor/specialist that can help

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03/16/2020 - 09:08

Can anyone recommend a mortgage advisor/specialist that can help us purchase a property in Italy? We are happy to look at either an italian mortgage or a UK mortgage but are struggling to find anyone who can get the process moving.

Thanks in advance




The way I funded buying my holiday property in Italy a few years ago was to extend the mortgage on my [UK] home.  Have you considered that?                                 

from 1998 happy to serve !

copy and paste , on yr's browser , the following link

giuseppinasibilla , for make a mortgage in italy , Bank of Italy , require that the bank have a permanent establishment operating in Italy and regular registration with the bank of Italy, in the list of banks - a bank, or other financial institution that is not registered in this list, cannot operate on Italian soil, and register mortgages to guarantee loans of any kind -

for example, Barclays, a well-known English bank, (with which I worked as a Dealer) is regularly registered in the list of Italian banks, but since 2012, it is no longer registered in the list of banks that can operate loans , that is, register mortgages as collateral for real estate loans



mortgagesoverseas - are not entered in the lists of intermediaries (technical name of the banks, for Banca d'Italia )

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