Me and the wife dived on in and bought a

03/21/2021 - 07:34

Me and the wife dived on in and bought a small home outside of Monreale (PA), sight unseen from USA. We’ve been granted permission to see/secure it and one of the major tasks is to get utilities up and running. Does anyone have advice about electricity, gas, water, internet, garbage?

any tips would be greatly appreciated!



If the home is in a community, as in an HOA, the management office should be able to give you the info for your community. If it is not, you can call or Google the town of Monreale, and they may be able to give you the info for the area you'll be living.

It is not part of an HOA for sure. The only issue with calling is that they speak Italian very quickly. That’s why I came here for advice. But thank you. 

If all else fails, you could email the Comune (email address on its website) .

I'd do a very simple email in English/American can with no flowery prose - just very basic.  I'd then add the translation into Italian (Google translate) and send it to the Comune. 

You'll probably get a response - usually in Italian, but Google translate will translate back OK. 

If you're lucky,  you'll get a response from an English speaker.

I use the above process when talking to my Italian bank. The only thing I do is split the email into single sentences, with it's translation below it.


Good luck 

Alot depends on whether you have or are planning to have an Italian bank account.


Electricity - call the provider - it will be ENEL energia or ENel Servizio Nazionale - if the last owner left a bill you can easily find that out. If the electricity is disconnected you will need to the get it reconnected which is different from just changing names on the bill - a 'subentro' .   They will want all sorts of info, codice fiscale, residence, domicilio etc and a way to pay the bill if you're not going to be here to pay in at the tabacchi.

Gas - the same, but depends on your provider.

Water/Refuse/IMU - you will need copies of your act of purchase and a trip to the appropritate office at the comune - or email if the offices are closed  due to covid.   Get a PEC address (Aruba is easiest) for all official correspondence - its the only way to ensure a reply.  

Internet - choose whether you want a fixed line or a mofi and then search the websites for offers - TIM,Vodafone, Tre, Infostrada, Linkem, etc etc - You need to know if you need a line installing or if there is an existent one.  



Thank you for the reply! I am planning on having a bank account and have an appointment to have the on-line paperwork finalized next week. 


I've found the address and contact info of my local ENEL energia person and will follow up once I see if there is a power hook-up and if there is a number on it.

No clue about gas--any idea on providers?

I found the refuse info online and will reach out to the commune on Tuesday--they don't publish an email but I have found the PEC is a nice way to get someones attention. 


I looked at TIM as having the best deals and hook ups near me. Once I have power I'll have them out!

Thank you for the great answers.

Are you sure there is mains gas?  Sicily is pretty badly served by gas for all sorts of reasons and its highly possible that you dont even have the option.    However, the main provider in MOnreale seems to be COMEST  or amg energia.   (If you lump in your gas with electricity with ENEL energia you will save some money and they seem to be much more efficient than the smaller companies above.)