Ciao, we have finally had the request

11/22/2017 - 09:45

Ciao, we have finally had the request from our local comune for the payment of local taxes and, separately, the rubbish collection for the property we bought almost two years ago. We are in Fermo in Le Marche. Rather bizarrely we are being billed as individuals rather than for the household i.e. the same amount twice, in my name and the same amount again for my husband. Seems strange. Is this how it's done???? By the way, despite my emailing saying please send me a bill for what we owe several months ago, they've only just got round to sending it! The property is a second home, not rented out but for our own holiday use. Also, what do others pay for the annual rubbish collection? And, should we be expected to pay the local taxes when the house was undergoing renovation which was the case for 4 months plus after purchase...Any enlightenment is welcome!Thanks.  



If you bought the house in joint names you will each typically be billed for 50% if the annual cost of the House  Taxes.Our total annual rubbish tax (comune of Tolentino) last year was initially E183, which is worked out of square metre of property (all floors) - ours is 240. However, for the last couple of years we get a top up bill at the end of the year - which totalled another E46.  This is an annual cost and it makes no difference whether you are there 52 weeks of the year or just 1. For IMU - which is the the equivalent of council tax - the comune in Tolentino do not send out bills.  It is your responsibility to find out how much you owe - and then pay it.  We normaly just go to the Comune office and wait until someone sees us and prints it out.  However some comune's have web sites where you can calculate your own, print the forms and then make the payment.



I am looking to buy property and was reading about the billing of property and all other taxes for the home. 


So if i understand if a property is in two names taxes  both Tari.Imu etc are billed twice for each person? How is the rubbish tax calculated is per sq meter of the house?  What ate the percentages for the property tax? and how often are they billed- can you pay it on online?




Thank you