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has anyone, full time in Italy, purchased a kindle?  I understand that location affects what you can download and I have been trying to establish if living in Italy would prevent my downloading books.  I do not want to be limited to Italian books or the few English language books available via the Italian site.  I read VERY quickly and seldom return to UK (only twice in last 5 years) thus option of downloading whilst there isn't practical.  I tried asking Amazon/Kindle to clarify but was given a very vague response. 



I purchased my Kindle from Amazon UK and took it with me last time I visted Italy.  We don't have wi-fi in our Italian flat, but the Kindle signed onto the internet using the free Amazon Whispernet over the mobile telephone system.  I found I could access the Amazon bookshop.  I can't remember if I downloaded anything then, but I will be in Italy this week and I will give downloading a try.  If you are worried about an Italian Kindle being different, why not buy it from the Amazon UK bookshop?

According to this, taken from the Kindle International page on, you should be ok and able to download book at will:


We are excited to now ship Kindle to Italy. Customers in Italy will enjoy: Books in Under 60 Seconds: Think of a book and you could be reading it in under a minute Free Wireless: Free 3G wireless lets you download books right from your Kindle. No monthly fees, service plans, or hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots. For non-U.S. customers, there are also no additional charges for wireless delivery in or outside your home country. See Coverage Map. See Wireless Terms and Conditions Growing Selection: Over 710,000 English-language books to choose from; plus U.S. and international newspapers and magazines are available for your country. Because publishers give us eBook rights on a country by country basis, available titles for your country will vary from our current U.S selection. We are actively working with publishers to get the rights to all titles for every country and adding this selection every day. Check the Kindle Store to see available titles. Low Book Prices: New York Times® Best Sellers and New Releases are $11.99 to $13.99 (prices include VAT), unless marked otherwise. You'll also find many books for less - over 110,000 titles are priced under $5.99 Learn more about Kindle features on the Kindle product page   Important Product Information for Your Country

  • Your international shipment is subject to VAT. This is the same VAT rate you pay when you buy products in your country. There are NO customs duties or any other fees. We will show you the estimated VAT upon checkout. Learn more
  • Kindle ships with a micro-USB cable for charging your Kindle via a computer USB port
  • You can transfer personal documents to your Kindle via USB for free at anytime. Service fees for transferring personal documents via Whispernet are currently $.99 per megabyte. Learn more
  • Wireless download times can vary based on 3G or EDGE/GPRS coverage, signal strength and file size.
  • Kindle books, newspapers, and magazines are currently priced and sold in United States dollars
  • Access Wikipedia via Whispernet on the experimental web browser. Access other websites like Google via a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Kindle includes a 1-year limited warranty. See details
  • Use of the Kindle is subject to the Kindle License Agreement and Terms of Use


If you want to download books from Amazon UK rather than Amazon USA then don't buy your Kindle from because you will then always be automatically directed to the American site, and only be able to choose from their selection - unless you are able to re-register your Kindle. I would suggest that you visit the Kindle Store on and read the threads in the discussion forum, there is a lengthy debate on this topic. It seems that it's best to buy your Kindle from and have it delivered to an address in the UK, then send or bring it from there to Italy, can't send Kindles to addresses outside the UK.

I have ordered from as that was the only option for delivery in Italy.   Downloading books from the American store should not be a  problem as there seems to be loads, I was just concerned that I would be restricted to what Amazon thought an Italian would want.  I can't be doing with having one sent to UK and then depending on friends to bring/post it out and then probably having problems downloading as it would pick up that I was using an Italian ISP.  The Italian site directed me to the American site and order confirms it works "globally" and there are no additional charges for using outside of US.  Thanks everyone for your input. p.s. re the book shop - don't get out that way very often but when we came to the Pup's party September before last I brought a (car) boot full of books and forgot about them, bringing them all home again.  I have loads I can donate and will get round to doing so eventually.

WE don't have wi-fi in our house in S Marche but having bourght the more expensive 3G Kindle that worked fine.  Halfway up a mountain last week we saw Obama on the telly in the bar and I was able on returning to the house to download The Times on a free trial to find out what was going on.  Pretty cool - though the Thunderer isn't my newspaper of choice....

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Hi Annec I went for the 3G version too.  I use vodafone dongle for my internet so figured the extra cost for the 3G was worth it.  We are southern Marche and trying to get a land line was painful so gave up after a year or so.

We bought a Kindle in the UK BUT because we live in Belgium and have a Belgian credit card we can only download books from I find the selection of books much less interesting and am now trying to find a way to get around the system. However, it is brilliant: like one of you said, I too only read a book once and then my house is just cluttered with paperbacks that'll only gather dust until disposed of humanely! With the Kindle I have a small book-size library and am enjoying it so much that my husband is going to have to buy his own - the original idea was one to share!

Managing your Kindle is not quite as simple as suggested above. This winter while living in Ireland Amazon univitedly transferred my account from to Attempts to change it back produced "Your Kindle account is currently registered at Go to the Manage Your Kindle page at" When I click on "Go to the Manage Your Kindle page at" I get the message "Your Kindle account is currently registered at Go to the Manage Your Kindle page at" and so on ad infinitum. The problem is that neither nor will allow me to buy e-books when in Ireland! Fortunately I also possess an IPad which, using the same wi-fi, kndly allows me to buy from and these purchases automatically appear on my Kindle and my Max laptop. HOWEVER it only allows me to do so using an UK credit card! I return to Italy next week and will be VERY interested to see where Amazon thinks I am and where if anywhere it will allow me to buy. The above refers to the wifi only version. 3G coverage in the Trentino prealpi is VERY uncertain.

My Kindle arrived about 3 hours ago and still experimenting but it does acknowledge if you change where you are located then it does affect your account................................ I am permanently in Italy and rarely leave the country so I don't imagine this will be an issue for me.  Early days so I may have got this wrong, but I recall reading that you can "borrow" books from fellow Kindle owners!  Maybe we can set up a new group :-)

  I love my Kindle!  It took me awhile to decide as I love the feel and smell of book but it certainly is one of my best purchases.  I can’t imagine being without it now. I live in The Netherlands and bought it from the Amazon UK using my Dutch credit card.  I had it delivered to my daughter’s address in London.  I registered it to buy from Amazon UK because the prices of books from are almost double!  I’ve taken it to Spain, Italy, UK, Sweden and downloaded newspapers, logged on to BBC website and other websites with no problem. I would certainly recommend registering it to the UK.  I buy books from Amazon UK using my Dutch credit card.

I'm not a 'kindler', but I do seem to recall whilst looking at a friends, it appeared to have MPG and MP3 capability, and, if one is accessing the Internet to buy books etc via it, then one presumes that it would be a small extra step to 'surf' ? I found the following: You need to purchase internet service package from one of providers, for instance, Road runner. After they showed up and installed a modem. You need to have a wireless router. Use a lan cable which comes with almost wireless router to connect the modem and the router. When you connect the cable in the router you have to choose a proper port. Usually it's written on router where the internet port is. You need to connect the cable in the router internet port. After that you might have to configure the router. Read more: S

I too have the 3G version so there is not the need for setting up wi-fi access.  It also came already linked to the account from which it was purchased.  So simple, just take it out of the box and charge the battery.  Books do seem a bit pricey on and the price is dollars so obviously exchange rate is going to affect the "price".  There is definitely reference to accessing the web and MP3 etc.  Lots more available than I first imagined, though early days for me still picking my way through the instructions.  I will certainly look into changing it to if it is possible from here.  I use a UK credit card as I still work for a UK company and get paid sterling.