Construction Costs during recession?

Kensington2 Image
05/26/2011 - 09:48

Now that we are hopefully at least halfway through the recession and it appears that builders, plumbers and electricians are crying out for more than just repair jobs or small jobs does anyone have any up to date information on the cost of building work ( new construction) per m2.My Italian friends have said that it is now possible to get low prices that were unheard of two or three years ago. I would love to know if prices have gone down because of the lack of work.



Sorry 'Kensington2', not sure where your Italian friends have got their information, it does not work like that here in Italy......Can't get as much work, so put the prices up to acheive what they were earning before. Just like the Restaurants! The Italians do exactly the same with House prices, house not selling.......put the price up! They think differently to us, lack of competition and no toe treading. good luck

If you're having building work done which requires a computometrico - then the prices will be the same, as they are set by the region in the prezzario - the price book, which is legally binding.  What you should be able to do is negotiate a bigger discount on the official prices, though I have to say, new build seems to be in the doldrums but everybody continues to restore and renovate, so if you have skilled workmen who are specialised in restoration you probably wont have much room for manouvre. 

No discounts here in the south of England either.  I speak to builders with no work but they are not prepared to do it cheaper as all the Poles have gone and there is no competition for the work that is available.