Architects near Montelparo?

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07/11/2011 - 09:07

We appear to be in need of a new architect!

We thought we had this all sorted and have had a couple of very constructive meetings (the last being in May), but now our architect seems un-contactable as does our prospective project manager, so it looks like we might need some new options.Sooo ... does anyone have some recommendations for an Architect (NOT geometra) in the Montelparo area? We need to get some fully costed plans to present to the bank and intend starting the build (it's a demolish and rebuild project) next year. We'll be over again in September and could have some new meetings then. I imagine finding an English speaking Architect is difficult in the area and whilst that would be a bonus, it's not essential - our "previous" one wasn't and that didn't seem to be an issue ... although given we now can't contact him I'm beginning to wonder!Roger



hi, i had to write simply because Anne's reply (in good faith i'm sure) however the person in question did a runner with over 1.000.000,00 Euro of client's money..causing not a small amount of damage as you can imagine.Yes there are however registered Italian architects in the area who do speak english/some english/or provide them selves with adequate interpreter facilities.IF you mail me i'll get a couple of names/contact addresses for you.

Good save Seb Well at least I've proved how dangerous the interweb can be.....or at least should only ever be your first port of call and not a substitute for proper research and common sense. Glad you jumped in to save brancusi possible hassle Of course now I want all the goss - anyone got a News International contact??;))

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This person is Canadian.He was very cunning.He designed and got done his own house in Monte San Martino then thru contacts( presumably) he got it featured in a leading magazine one of those "fancy" highly followed ones specializing on houses/restorals/country houses etc. It all coincided with the housing rush of a few years ago in the area (Southern Marche) we even had people looking for him because,it appeared they wanted bird bath wash basins too! and the minimalist look in a rustic context.He did (in all fairness actually complete some projects) made "friends" with local tradespeople, suppliers/ builders etc and told everyone (including me) that he was truly motivated to the restoration/repopulation of these beautiful local villages.So everything was hunky dory.He used to get his clients to forward him the money for the various tasks/building works/tradespeople etc without having them come over specifically in other words a rapport of trust.Then suddenly he disappeared. Then all the worms came out of the woodwork.Alot of people lost quite a lot of money.One i know was "happy" he only lost 15.000,00 which he had to pay again to the parties involved.Several tradesmen lost a lot too.One our plumber was lucky he was given a cheque and asked to wait a week to cash it in instead he did it next day and got his money but all the others had a piece of paper..everyone felt betrayed (apart from the loss) the police were involved briefly and uselessly but he was already gone believed to be in Canada the total amount missing was it was said in excessof Euro 1.000.000,00...fortuately there are plenty of honest italian architects to compensate for his disappearance.Anyway thats the saga.

You may like to contact Enzo Vagnoni He is working for some friends with a holiday home here and they are happy with him. He does speak some English. I will send you his e.mail details in a p.m.

Hi, I know a good architect from Falerone who lives in PSG.  He is from a long standing family and has built 13 apts for us in Campofilone.  He has has also done a lot of restoration and municipal work. I can stand over his bona fides as I have known him 25 years. please PM me if you want me to introduce you fabrizio

Quick note to thank you all for your replies. I've followed up a few PM's as well and may be in touch again in a couple of weeks once we've figured out better what on earth is going on.  B

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Please do inform yourself, and before engaging a different architect/geometra do make sure that the original architect has agreed (in writing) that he has been dismissed and has no further claim on you. Not only in Italy this stuff can come back and bite you. Usually it can all be sorted amicably: but get it sorted - maybe there is an opening with your original architect - but make sure you have used a proper full stop if you want to pursue other avenues.