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08/09/2011 - 09:22

Ciao ....I would like to say hello to all members!I am english and living in Umbria,I am looking to meet new people and learn more of the italian lifestyle.I am married with 3 young children,would love to meet new mums with young children.Buongionato!!!!



Salve Salve Salve to you too..... Hope you enjoy the forum and all the advice you can gain from it. A word of caution about giving too much detail of yourself on the forum as you never know who is reading it. If you wish to give details etc, use the Private Message function. We are in Northern Tuscany so not a neighbour but good luck in making acquaintances. Ciao..

I find it alarmingly sad that a new member to the Forum/Community has only had a cursary welcome from 2 members in nearly 4 days; yet this post must have been noticed by much more than this. We can all find time to witter on about Spades, and Car Hire etc but not take a few moments to welcome a new member. I also find it very sad, but historically typical, that no one from Admin danes to voice a welcome note. With this type of record how long will/should this Communuity last...?? Still I suppose we get what we deserve...I was going to metion something about Apathy; but I can't be bothered....!!!

Hi we live in the Bagni Di Lucca area in Northern Tuscany, not too far away from Lucca, which we can recommend if you are ever up this way. Hope you enjoy the forum, it can be very useful for advice on many levels; but the advice is not always correct, but always well intentioned.

Hi Maria,   I've just looked at your profile and co-ordinates and see that you are quite near our patch - preggio/Umbertide. We've got a 9 year old son and via the kids at school network know loads of folks round here including a couple a families actually next to Bruna. You'll usually find us and a few others at the market in Umbertide on Wednesday mornings so that might be a good start for you... take a coffee at bar centrale and look out for a couple with a 9 year old son called Spike.... sorry might not make it next week but otherwise nearly always there.

Hi Maria It was nice to see your post.  I will not be in Tuscany until next summer but perhaps we could meet up then - I know it is a long way off.  My husband and I have an apartment a train ride from you.

Hello getsett I've just noticed your reply of 17 November.  We have a flat in Orvieto, and visit 4 - 5 times a year for a couple of weeks. Though no dates confirmed yet, we will be there for a brief visit at the end of January, and then some time in second half of April after Easter. We quite often go for a stroll down by lake Bolsena. Wondered if you would be interested in meeting if our dates coincide sometime - we are bothb in our 60's, just in case that influences your decision!  Linda and Mike

Hi Maria - I was a newbie in Italy once too, with two little kids, no language capability and a husband who was flying all over the world so rarely with us! We were in Milan at the time. Survived the first few months, grew to love the country, and stayed 7 years. Now we're back in Canada but have a house we're rebuilding in Liguria (extremely slowly). La Dolce vita is not always dolce while you're adapting, but it's worth the effort! If you want to take a look at our house project it's at Any questions about settling in to Italy, just ask!

Hello, I am from India. I am moving to Italy soon with the purpose of business expansion. I am into gems and jewelry , handicrafts and home furnishing. Please guide which city is the best to hit for the first time? I plan to stay a bit long , make good contacts, start up some deals etc. How much is the language ( Italian ) of importance? I am quite good at English though. I highly appreciate your valuable guidance and thank you in advance for the same. Best regards Saurabh

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My advice (for what it's worth) would be to take an intensive language course regardless of which ever city  you chose to live in.   We found it quite quite challenging when we first moved over.   Although it is true to say that its' easier to learn the language while resident, it will help if you have a foundation before you enter the business world. Good luck.

Hi Maria Hope you are enjoying Umbertide, lovely area, know it well. We have been here a few years, south of Perugia. Working here, not in the retiring business for another 25 years or so, glad to see average age of Umbrian expats is coming down!!! Hope you have settled in happily and are getting to grips with the language - are you in Umbria over Christmas and New Year for the first time? Ciao