Getting married but would like an Italian memory

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11/29/2011 - 19:20


Despite no text on this message I'm pretty certain I understand your question...Obviously you'll be needing some confetti for your guests.  Not paper scraps to throw but small, sugar-coated almond sweets.   White is traditional at weddings.   I live in Sulmona (home of confetti!) so they are all around here but the best is definitely from Pelino.

Bonboniere (favours) could be an answer. These are containers of some kind which the married couple fill with (usually 5) sugar almonds and hand out to all their friends at the wedding reception. The number of sugar almonds varies but must ABSOLUTELY be an uneven number for luck! For example, when we got married, we had a ceramist make a variety of bowls, ash-trays, little flat dishes, in which we placed 5 confetti tied up in an organza bag. 27 years on and all my friends, both Italian and English, still have them on display in their houses!