Sicily Unpacked (BBC programme)

01/18/2012 - 18:35

If anybody has missed this rather charming programme, you can catch up on BBC iPlayer. A pair of engaging (and frequently somewhat inebriated) characters romp through Sicily, admiring art works and cooking nice minimal ingredient dishes. Quite intelligent and amusing.


It is very enjoyable and easy viewing with some good scenery, art and food all rolled into one programme. I get fed up of programmes where you have to concentrate in case you miss something and woe betide if you blink!! Better than watching the Test Card anyday!

I have caught two of these programmes and I loved them.  We have driven around Sicily by car twice and stayed near many of the places featured - and I must say the programme reminded me how much I had enjoyed those trips.  I'd love to go to Sicily again, but now that we have the holiday apartment in Italy, it eats up most of our money, so those days of freedom travel may have to go on hold until full retirement when we'll downsize the UK house.

Liverpool - Ciampino - Trapani with RyanAir. Not sure if connections will be suitable, but it's a possibility worth exploring. Also try Manchester - Catania with Lufthansa - but I think there will be a stopover in Frankfurt.

This summer the new airport at Comiso open near Ragusa.  Jet2 will be flying from Manchester, and Ryanair will be flying from everywhere, plus other low cost airlines.  The airport is for charter and low cost with scheduled lines flying into Catania - it will certainly help to open up this part of Sicily.