The disappearing House for sale post!

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02/22/2012 - 06:53

This is a post which I have now posted 4 times, and for some reason disappears without explaination! Nobody seems to be able to enlighten me, so I will try again.I am selling my much loved house near Acquasanta terme, Marche, as we are moving to the NE of Italy for work reasons. The house with stunning views of the surrounding mountains, has been restored retaining many original features and comprises 3 - 4 beds and 2 baths, a study, lounge and liveable kitchen, sunny terrace and small easily maintainable garden, it is situated in a medieval borgo at 550m above sea level, in between 2 natioanl parks, very close to Lazio, Umbria and Abruzzo borders, and only 30 mins from the adriatic coast. The house dates back to the mid 1700s and retains much of its original charm, before living in it for the last year, I rented it to holiday makers, and it turned out to be a very good little business, it is therfore a good investement, also as the area is relativey un-discovered by foreigners, and hence the price is lower than other areas of Marche, The price is really very attractive.



Hi mbc, I cannot imagine where the other posts have might be due to a conflict with an advertiser, but if it is, it would be courteous of someone 'official' to let you know this. Re the property, it would be useful to show some photos, actual location and also maybe the asking price ? These are the sorts of things you would typically see on any immobiliare's website ? Good luck, S

I'm actually trying to pull the wool over whoevers eyes it is that is removing the post!!!Hence wording as above, the price anyone interested can contact me, the same for photos, because this above is OBVIOUSLY NOT an ad!!!

OH NOOOO!!!     I just noticed that not only your previous posts but also one of the rooms in your four bedroom house has also been removed.   Now the post above lists the house as having only three bedrooms!   In America haints are often responsible for messes such as these.   I would guess you are in Britain but haints are good swimmers....

No, I'm in Italy, not Uk, luckily!, As you will have no doubt noticed I have edited, its not that the 4th bedroom has reappeared, just that there is the possibility of the 4th bedroom, doing away with the study, or using it as a guest room with sofa bed....Haints eh? Of course you americans do have strange ways!smiley