Hotel recommendation in Venice when driving

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03/01/2012 - 05:51

We are driving down to Puglia to arrive by Easter and want to stop off to see Venice. We have just lost our dog and thought we would make the most of the journey as I don't think it will be long before we get another. We really only want to stop for one or two nights and need secure parking. Can anyone recommend a relatively cheapish hotel that would fit the bill with easy public transport access into Venice itself. We will have my daughter's expensive racing bike with us in the car so really need somewhere quite secure. Many thanks.



Venice can be horrendously expensive - especially so around Easter time. What we did once was stay in Padove, its cheaper [there's a hotel near the station with garage parking for about E75 a night - Hotel Al Cason], and its only 30 minutes by train to Venice The train run into Venice is fantastic, especially the last bit over the causeway, and you leave the station by a sweep of steps that overlooks the Grand Canal. There is a regular train service, so you can dine out in Venice after the tourists have gone home   Just a suggestion, but its worth considering

Sorry for not coming back earlier.  Now in Uk and internet connection good enough for me to sort out my login which I always forget! We stayed in the Al Casson and it was excellent.  Ideally suited for our purposes, close to the station and the centre of Padua. We were incredibly lucky that we got that heatwave at the end of March so Venice was spectacular.  It was also so cheap!  Train from Padua into Venice was only 3.50 euros single.  You come out of the station and there are wide steps down to the Grand Canal - spectacular, we didn't actually need to move from there the view was so wonderful.  Although we did use the water bus, we didn't actually need to so we didn't need to spend another euro.  We had the odd snack and coffee but they weren't extortionate.  Even my husband was impressed!  He had been over forty years ago and it has taken me this long to get him back - he hated it so much at the time because of the smell he said - we had no smell. Would thoroughly recommend a stopover in Padua to see Venice.  We found that we were exhausted and actually got the train back and ate our evening meal in the centre of Padua - we needed the rest on the train to have the energy to find somewhere to eat!  Padua centre itself was wonderful also.  We only spent two nights at the hotel and feel we got the flavour of both Venice and Padua.  Of course if you want to do the museums and galleries you need longer, but we just sauntered around which was great. Hotel garage was just the ticket too - no security issues at all. Thanks for the recommendation - that is what this site is great for.  

We stayed at lovely family run hotel in Lido di Jesolo ( some time ago ) and took the vaporetto across, the hotel car park was pretty secure and the family were most pleasant , I still have the card. HOTEL GARNI, VILLA VENETA  (FAM MENEGHEL) VIA PINDEMONTE 23, 30017 LIDO DI JESOLO. ciao Billy