Sunloungers for holiday home

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03/23/2012 - 05:43

Hi allI have a house in southern marche which is rented for holiday lets. Our sun loungers are past their best and I would like to replace them for this year. Our last ones were aluminium with textoline, just not very stylish. I was hoping to get something a little more stylish for the new season but also need to bear in mind practicality and maintenance. I have been wondering about either wood or polyrattan both with a cushion. So, I have a few questions - has anyone got any thoughts on either of these ways forward? I'm not sure about the longevity of polyrattan in the Italian sun, although wood appears to require more maintenance. Also, can anyone recommend anywhere in Italy, either local to me in Marche or a company that offer delivery where I might be able to buy something like this without spending an absolute fortune!?Many thanks



We looked at a number of different outlets in Marche for outdoor furniture - and we found that they were either very cheap - and horrible, or terribly stylish and cost a fortune. By chance we went to the Ideal Home Show last year and visited the stand of Ocean Furniture - - they have a terrific range of outdoor furniture - we were offered a 40% discount off list price, and a second set of cushion covers thrown in for free as well. We were really concerned about delivery to the Marche countryside - in the middle of nowhere.  However, the shipping company picked up the order from Banbury (where they are based in the UK) on the Friday and we were sitting on them on our patio the following Wednesday. A remarkable service - I really don't think you would be disappoiinted with either quality of product - it is resistant to all weathers (although we obviously don't leave them out during the winter) or the service.  

We used the freight company recommended by Ocean - a company called gbs freight www.gbsfreight, and the cost was £332 +VAT for an eight piece sofa set with cushions - came in 4 big boxes.  GBS freight seem to use a network of freight companies very effectively - they first arranged shipping to Milan - we then had a phone call to say they had it.  Another company shipped it to Macerata, and then a local company to us, near Tolentino.  Since I have used GBS freight to ship a large picture to a friend in mainland Spain - they collected from me on a Friday and it was with my friend the following Friday - no problems.

We went for a striped version of the type you find on a beach, with the head shade, and have been very pleased with them and they do look quite smart - although this may be what you are replacing. We chose this type to avoid the need for cushions  as we had stayed in so many places where the cushions had previously been left out overnight or in the rain resulting in them having some fairly offputting looking water staining. If you are on site and can rush out to rescue the cushions then ok, but if not, unfortunately you cannot rely upon all guests to bring in the cushions overnight or if it starts to rain and they soon start to look shabby and not at all stylish!

Unopiu has a wide range, good quality, not cheap though. Have ordered a couple of times through their website and delivery was efficient. The website isn't especially easy to navigate but you can order a catalogue from the site, leaf through that and then order via the website - I had the task of restoring a dozen of their metal frame and wood slat chairs which had been exposed to the weather for several years. They were still in good condition and in unscrewing, sanding, refinishing and reassembling the chairs I could see they were well made and the timber quality was good - they looked new again once finished.

I agree with Belvedere, Unopiu is the best, although the most expensive and the design and quality are superb; however, I do not know whether it would be an appropriate choice for a house that is rented out. Also, Andiamo's remarks about cushions are very valid. 

If you can get to Ascoli Piceno then there's a couple of places near the 'Caserma' that have this sort of furniture at economical prices. Try Mauri or The Bazzar of the Assasin, both within 50metres of each other.

The website for the Italian stores is    but for some bizare reason they do not show everything they sell - in fact it shows very little of use! They do list the branches, there are none in Le Marche, the nearest are probably Rimini or Perugia. If you ever fly into Ciampino there is one pretty much next door to the airport or there are loads in the north if you drive down. We have bought from Leroy Merlin in the past and the quality, price and choice has always been good. Good luck with the hunt.

My experience unfortunately isn't the same. I ordered from Oceans because of the glowing reports on this site. It was very difficult to order to start with as there were lots of communications issues. OH how I wish I hadn't percevered! My luxury cube table set finally appeared on Wednesday, the 3m table top was distorted and one of the leg panels was so bent in the middle that the feet at either end were over an inch above the ground and none of the fittings matched, so it wasn't possible to screw the table top to the legs. The table top was so distorted that none of the 4 rectangular glass panels would fit into the table top. So I am left with a table which is unusable because it isn't even possible to put a wine glass on it. They have offered me a new table top and leg panel at cost! Unfortunately these are products that are produced in China for ????? but charged at thousands. Thanks for the recommendation but no thanks!!!!