Native wild flower seed mixes

03/22/2012 - 17:18

Did look in search box for answer to the above but did not find a supplier? Does anyone know of one capable of providing mixed seed in bulk, native to central Italy. Also, details of any wholesale nurseries in Le Marche / Abruzzo / Umbria would be much appreciated. Many thanks.



There are stack on the Valdaso road going to Pedaso. I suspect they don't do seeds though, otherwise try the forestale nursery (there is one in Amandola) as they have very good prices.

A difficult question. the first problem would be to identify native wild flowers for the region you mention. I would say that any Mediterranean plant would be a good bet. I am more familiar with the Tuscany region... but here are my thoughts... I have never seen native seed mixes  at any vivaio; however, try the largest in your area, particularly those selling "ingrosso". To name a few "native" plants that grow well in Central Italy, I would include most herbs (rosemary, all types of mints, thyme,basil...)  iris, ranunculus, anemones, geraniums and pelargoniums, jasmin, sunflower, oleander, belladona.. Now, many of these grow from bulbs, rhyzomes or cuttings and belladona is highly toxic... I do not know what you intend to do in your garden; however, my advice would be to talk to your "native" neighbours and follow their advice. Happy gardening!!!!  

Penny and Gala for replies.  I know seed can be exported from UK to EU countries so in theory, once local varieties identified and quantities calculated maybe that is the way to go...Just do not think Italians would think it a money making project selling wild flower and grass seed as they are too clever and save and plant their own.  Will head down Valdaso rd to Pedaso Penny and see what's on offer but have been spoilt by wholesale nursery prices back home and miss the choice of varieties, here everything seems so expensive even with the odd plant or two thrown in for free....Do wonder if there is an opening to export from UK plant passported plants here in bulk for those intersted in large quantities ?  Could do if anyone interested ?

I'm planning to bring out a whole load of plants from UK.  And have brought out seed in the past.  There doesn't seem to be any notion of providing small young plants which will actually recover more quickly from the transplanting and end up better plants. I did have a conversation with the guy in the Tourist Office in Visso about how they ought to package and sell seed from the mountain flora.  He was kind enough to listen politely but I'm not holding my breath!

I have a notion of what you are asking for re seeds, but I fear that 'native Italian' wild flower seeds hasn't been understood as a market: it's possibly worth searching with some precise terms, because maybe some small entrepreneur has made an effort. Othewrise, I'm ashamed to recommend Leroy Merlin, who do sell mixes of 'mediterranean' wild flowers. I'm somewhat bemused by the notion that small plants are either difficult to obtain in Italy, or are cheaper in the UK. Just yesterday I was walking around a rather upmarket nursery  - take no notice of the published prices - and advising clients that if they wanted that to die for pink flowered lavender, yes, pay their non exorbitant price, it will be impossible to find elsewhere - but if you want the common purple one pick up a decent sized (.5l pot) for €2 in the market. Clearly it is mad to pay fancy prices for a bog standard rosemary or bay or lavender - every roadside tunnel will throw these at you for no money - but if you need to be certain it is the variety which is written on the label then expect to pay a little bit extra. And if you want a 30cm high cypress, (I do agree with Penny that this baby will transplant and make 3m more quickly than buying something at 1.5m) then look for a vivaio communita montana.

Agreed you can find "bog standard" Italian plants at the market and I wouldn't dream of bringing out a rosemary or a lavender.  But many "bog-standard" English plants just aren't available.  And I do mean absolutely bog-standard, tough as old boots, plant'em and forget'em types.  I'm not into anything fancy or frail. It's not a criticism, in rural Marche gardening is mostly contadino-style: it's for food and flavourings with geraniums for colour in the summer and a couple of stalwarts which have stood the test of time (back to lavender and rosemary).  Why spend money on plants you don't know and therefore may well fail. But I can think of several Uk stalwarts which I'd like to add and can't find. The problem with the Forestale nurseries is, guess what, the bureacracy!  Around us at any rate you can't just walk in and walk out with the plants you want.  It's all about filling in forms (must be before September) then receiving a letter in the Spring to which you must respond within so many days. Not being there all year round I of course wasn't there to respond to the letter in time! So my "native" hedge is instead made up of whips brought out from the UK and planted in a snowy March in haste before they shrivelled up.  They've survived so far!

I have gathered seeds by visting the lower slopes of Maiella Mountains in Sept with lots of those little resealable plastic bags.The seeds are then sown in the UK and plants taken to Italy or put in our UK garden!I've planted tree seeds too and acorns.My allotment is almost full! It wouldn't take very long to gather sack loads of seeds! I have also planted bulbs.These can be bought on ebay or from UK nurseries.Allium, Italian Gladioli,Star of Bethelehem etc will all naturalise and look gorgeous.Also cyclamen. Just past Caramanico (driving towards the mountains) in Abruzzo there is a small Botanical Garden/Nursery that are open to the public -I think you will find it if you go on the Maiella Parks web site.They grow local varieties of trees /plants etc.

I found this address: and they have some interesting offers on bulbs and plants if you look under "introvabili" and then "giardinaggio". I would say that 15 € for 150 bulbs it's pretty good. They also have "maracuja" or passionfruit, which is a great creeper to have in any garden and it produces a delicious fruit. I have never used this online business and I would appreciate your comments as they have a large offer of products.

to everyone for comments / advice, really helpful.  Sanje48, site seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Gala P, will report back.  Agree with Annec re: lack of plant varieties available here and often high prices (obviously not the bog standard ones). Thank you all again, very helpful.

  Hello everyone. We have a new build in Cassino and as a result a bare piece of land.I researched the local area and I have to say that if I had the knowledge and another life I would love to start up a nursery neat and tidy. Names prices, order of type etc. Or should I say just like back home. I did order plants from a local established family run nursery and the only way to order was via a fax at a  tobacconist that they knew. We asked for delivery for the second day of our stay but waited an extra two days for various excuses and then received plants that they decided to substitute due to not having the plants asked for. So now as before we purchase, send or take our own, purchased from a fine nursery in Buckinghamshire called Buckinghamshire Nurseries. Its sad but it does seem easier to purchase in the Uk