Agriturismo Recommendations in Val Vibrata area of Teramo, Abruzzo, towns to check out, wineries

05/03/2012 - 21:07

We are going to spend 3 nights in the northern part of Abruzzo (around the Controguerra area) before heading to southern Marche again. We'd like to check it out to see if we are interested in the area as a potential place to retire. (We have already spent a week near the city of Teramo in the past.) Does anyone know of a nice agriturismo or bed and breakfast in the Val Vibrata area? We were there just briefly to visit Illuminati windery right before closing time. Also, any particular towns you'd recommend we consider living in as well as any good cantinas for red wine?



You will find winery ads on that site too. There is some nice eating places in Atri. Also try Absolutely Abruzzo website and Abruzzo 2000 and Life in Abruzzo - loads od info on these. And as mentioned Abruzzolutely Forum has loads of places. Let's know how you get on and places you went on your trip. ta

We have decided to stay at agriturismo Villa Fiore, in Torano Nuovo based on several recommendations and proximity to where we want to visit. The bed and breakfast suggested also looks very nice but is a little too far.  They kindly suggested Villa Fiore to us.  Will let you know how we like it when we return later this summer.  Also, has anyone eaten at either Zenobi or Hotel Zunica and if so, which is better?  They have been recommended by several people.