Moving to Italy

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05/21/2012 - 09:16

Hi EveryoneI think its time to find out your bad or good experiences when you took the final step to Italy.We are moving over in the next 3-4 weeks from Wiltshire UK to Marche and all though we think everything is going smooth there is always something that jumps up and bites you.It will be good to here about your move over if you can bare to go through it again.Thanks Lucy



it's perhaps a little late in the day given that your (final) departure is imminent-no? Actually the actual "moving" is pretty easy (one imagines that you'll have already organized electricity-telephone- internet-water connections/contracts for your house as these can take time...especially if you are not sited in a town) You'll need to register with the authorities if you're going to be resident means a trip (or ten) to the local the police you'll need to have your permit to the health authorities to enroll on the S.S.N.N. the national health system and choosing a local doctor, if you're not working you'll have to produce documentation concerning your financial situation and depending, a private health insurance.One presumes that you'll already have a bank,but would recomend a local bank which can offer home banking facilty.Apart from services to the house which you'll require from day one the other things you can do without a rush once here and having picked up some more detailed info from local people and you'll probably find a number of british es pats who can help you with some advice However if you will be working get your advice from those who work as life is very different for those who work and who are not here "on a pension" or the like. wish you best of luck.  

Best wishes. What Sebastiano says is right. Keep in mind that any move or change is stressful. Not everything will go as planned. Keep up your spirits and, most important, don't try to compare your present experience with what you left behind. This is a new phase in your life.

Hi Both, sounds like you are in a similar situation to ourselves! Our house is now finished after full renovation, just the outside to tackle now:-) We too are going to be relocating & leaving our grown up children in the Uk. Our move was planned for May 2014, however it looks like this will be brought forward to within the next 6 months. So really good luck to you both & hope everything goes smoothly for you. Where a outs in Le Marche will you be? Maxine & Peter