Festa's July & August Marche

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06/15/2012 - 05:25

Could anybody give me information on any Festa's small or large & of any kind, taking place throughout July & August? I have family coming over to stay & would like to take them! Angie has kindly given me information for market days & Antiques fair in Fermo. Have tried to search previous posts & can't really find anything...Thanks Maxine & Peter



Here is a link to the Marche Tourism Board's site - some of the festa and other events are listed there:  http://nuovo.turismo.marche.it/?tabid=1158 Marche Voyager also lists some:  http://www.le-marche.com/Marche/html/calendar.htm# We're always on the lookout too, when we come over and have been to festa's in Petritoli, Monte Rinaldo,Montefiore d"Aso, Montelparo and a few other small towns.  Hope these help.

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Hi Maxine, There is a great festa in Colmurano on 12 -15 July inclusive called Artistrada. It is great fun with performers and street artists as well as artisan stalls and huge pizza ovens making pizzas etc. It all starts in the evening each night and is noisy, brightly coloured and fun for all ages. Also free!  Hope this is of interest to all the family.    

It is pretty much a festa a day throughout August in particular. An absolute must not miss is the Montappone hat festival, do not miss it and if you like firework displays, stay till the end.... 27 July 2012 to 29 July 2012 In the Piazza in Servigliano, there will be all kinds of things going on most nights, this link (which is from a local and very good agriturismo - trequerce - well worth a visit just for lunch) has a list of some of the spectacular events around the area.  http://www.trequerce.it/territorio/eventi.cfm S