This site is getting worse.

06/21/2012 - 09:03

Wonder if anyone having the same problems:1. You read a post logged in, then refresh and then it tells you that you have x number of unread posts, even though you have read all. .2 Try and go from the current page and it sends you to the 2nd page of Messagini!!3 Quite a few access problems lately, e.g site unavailable etcSuggest they get their act together, or even better go back to the old format.


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  I know no other 'commercial' site so bad. Can not they employ someone who can understand how to administer a forum? Sorry the people here are rude, I have never been called a schizophrenic before for being new on a forum.Is this what the members want?

Oh I went to look and the post has disappeared. How strange. my reference to it is still there but the post calling me a schizophrenic has gone. Perhaps the person thought better of their insult or they remove their nastiness to appear innocent to others. The world is full of  people such as this. How pointless to insult someone you don't even know and then clean your steps. Shame!

That happens quite a bit here I think.... some people make a comment and when they see there is no mileage in it they either delete it or reword it.... they know who they are...and so do we wink

I have on occasion criticised this forum and have been truly shot down by long standing member(s). I have to say there are at times frustrations, but.............. the recent interactions regarding the IMU tax has been VERY interesting and informative (to me at least !) hang on in there guys, it is not that bad !! S

For me the forum is about gaining and giving information (it's in that order as not having made THAT move yet what I can give back is somewhat limited.)  To have some "positive" banter is fab but I personally dislike it when there's the odd left hook and personal attack - I'd prefer it if people took that off line.   I also think (and this maybe through past history) that what is sometimes meant as mild saracsm is interpreted as a personal attack.  I can also see that some people enjoy what they would call mischief others see as being malicious. There's always going to be a difference of opinion but me personally I would prefer it to be a bit more diplomatic than calling for example someone schizophrenic!   

Anybody else noticing these? A random word in a post appears underlined, and when you hover over it a little window claiming to be "powered by text enhance" appears and offers you an iPad or some other unlikely come-on. It's nothing to do with the poster - I first noticed it in a post I made when I saw a random underline, and I edited to apologise for not being able to get rid of it - but now I'm seeing them in other people's posts. It looks pretty harmless (I haven't tried clicking on these windows) but I wonder how this feature has invaded the forum (if it has, and it isn't just me seeing them). Oh this is funny - maybe you'll see the word "claiming" in this post underlined, and this gives you a window putting you in touch with ambulance chasers!

After a little googling I did discover this thing is specific to my browser (by all accounts by way of an extension), but I couldn't track it down on my machine. Anyway, I seem to have frightened it off by simply looking for it, since it has disappeared! Odd that this is the only site where it showed up for me, because the references make it clear it isn't site specific.