Very sad.....

06/26/2012 - 03:44

How bad can life be..........desperate.........Ancona - Two illegal immigrants have been found dead, one almost dead and two in a coma on the Superfast ferry from Greece. The ferry docked at Ancona this afternoon at around 5.30 pm (CET). 18 illegal immigrants were found on board altogether and would appear to be Palestinian citizens, although checks are being carried out on their exact nationality by border police. Early information suggests that the immigrants were found hidden underneath several heavy goods vehicles and buses inside the ferry's car deck. The high temperature due not just to the weather but also to the further heat given off by the boat's engines in proximity to the car deck could well have been to blame for the two deaths and for putting the other three into a coma. .


What can one say about such a tragedy; people as desperate as these die every day, in the desserts and oceans all over the world. Sad but what can one do? A plain fact of life that risking your life doesn't always pay off; harsh but true.

Good to see you have your usual opinion about everything, Karen.   Oh! But you didn't share your opinion about the story posted: only how you just think everyone that posts (or used to post) here is "sad".   You are the sad one.

It is not possible to interact on a forum where the response sometimes is days away. It is too staccato even for trolls. Yes it is sad that the life of others is so bad. All we can do is try to make the lives of those we know a little better and thank God if our lives are sweet.

OK I'll bite - but only 'cus this place needs livening up and certainly not because Beery Breath or his awful obsession with me is worthy. I'm not one to kick a dog when it's down, so lets see if he can redeem himself. Place your bets folks.  wink Bring it on punk...