Home needed urgently for two abandoned kittens

08/29/2012 - 14:43

Hi, we found two kittens abandoned on the road this week and we need to rehome them urgently, is anyone able to help please? They are weaned and appear to be in good health (no runny eyes or noses), one is tortoiseshell and white, the other a grey tabby. They are clearly used to people and are not feral, the grey tabby is a bit timid but is responding well to fuss, they are both carissimi. I can send a photo if anyone would like to see what they look like.Unfortunately we are not able to keep them beyond Sunday as we do not own the home that we are living in. We are near Umbertide in Umbria, we can consider taking them to a new home if it is not the other end of the country! We can supply a cat bed, litter tray, cat litter, feeding bowl and some food.Thank you for reading this, we are at our wit's end, the nearest cat sanctuary is not able to take them as they are full. We simply cannot turn them out into the wild as they were starving when we found them. Any offers of help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. Grazie mille!



Hi,I have been in touch with my Italian friends who have asked around for you. There is a web site they have forwarded (in Italian !) There is an advert on there for somebody who is looking for a kitten in the Perugia area.Don't know if you can read Italian(or maybe someone on here can help) if you would like me to send details Hopefully we can find them a good home(somehow)

Hi, many thanks for asking for me, that is much appreciated.  If you could forward details for me I would be very grateful, I can read Italian. We haven't homed them yet, so I could follow up that lead.  They are so sweet, they were quite frightened when we got them but have been responding well to fuss, a safe environment and food!

Haven't got a clue how to send a link so I will send you a pm as to how I found the advert of the lady who is looking (it's a bit long winded that's all).Just checked where she is and it looks like a nice hour and a half scenic drive! However...as a last measure there is a new "cattery" opened last month at Collestrada(just by Perugia airport) Again,haven't got a clue,but if you google "Perugia Today..La Provincia dona al canile di Collestrada un ricovero per gatti" they may be able to help. Please let me know how you get on..worried now!

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Thank you Paul, Angie and Robert, I will let you know how I get on.  Paul - I've sent you a PM, and also I have uploaded the photo of them in a gallery, I'm not sure where that will appear!

The latest is that the lady who posted the ad that Paul let me know about is coming to see them tomorrow, so fingers crossed!  Thanks to everyone for all your efforts, they are much appreciated, let's hope that she does take them as they are so sweet and deserve a good home!

I just hope whoever has them gets them Spayed, the are far too many feral/village cats in Italy that cause no end of problems, besides sh1tting in your garden and peeing up your doors.

Hello Angie and Robert, I'm sorry, I PM'd Paul about this, I should have sent one generally, I've had a really busy week here too so I have only just seen your post..  The lady who saw them on Saturday took them both, she is a lovely lady so I'm sure that they will be well loved.  Many thanks for your concern!

Angie. It's not my doorway I'm constantly finding Cat Sh1t in, it's my Garden and potted plants. And before you say it, the Water thingy doesn't work as the ones around our neighbours Plants always smell of cat wee..... and I have tried it.

".............  It's not my doorway I'm constantly finding Cat Sh1t in, it's my Garden and potted plants. And before you say it, the Water thingy doesn't work  ........... " Just been having some work done on my garden in the UK.  The gardener says that one way of keeping cats away is to put some plastic/rubber snakes in the garden - he swears that cats are petrified of snakes and won't go near them. Anyone know if that works?

I have real snakes (albeit grass snakes) in the garden, also 3 dogs, which doesn't seem to phase them one bit; and with all that they still manage to get into my big plant pots and crap on my hydrangeas. Have just invested in a catapult, so off to ge some practice in.....

I have seen the bottles in Italy, but have no idea if it works. 2 litre clear plastic bottles, filled with water, among the plants. Shouldn't cost much to try.