No more satellite BBC Radio in Europe??

10/10/2012 - 06:15

I've just picked up (from the useful "Rob's satellite News" and confirmed on the BBC website), that BBC radio streams will be moving from the current Europe-wide transponder beam to the UK-only spot beam on 15th Oct. As I understand it, if you currently listen to BBC radio through your satellite dish on 28E Astra cluster it will no longer be available - unless you are in north Italy and have a big dish!I was just about to get a dish so my wife could listen to "The Archers" when she comes out!



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Yes, iPlayer still works internationally for radio, but being in a rural area (even the post office is on slow dial-up!) it would eat into my 5GB a month 3G dongle allowance.

No it should be free. They are just separating their stream from iPlayer to the new BBC radio only player, as you still require a UK IP address to access the TV on iplayer but not the Radio

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Hi, Brianm. I wish... but we are another 800km further south, and from the reports I've read would be into 3m or even 4m dishes... which on a very windy hilltop setting would be problematic.  Ah well, just have to improve my Italian so that RAI radio becomes the new radio 4 (joke?).

We are in Basilicata, so I haven't tried getting the main TV channels, which are on the UK only beam.  With a big dish you can, apparently, get a signal in the north of Italy.  But the radio channels were on the wider south transponder beam, which should only need a 60cm dish here , but the BBC have moved them. It seems that all that is left on the Astra south beam are things I am not interested in - shopping, religious and "adult". Ahh well!

The Astra F satellite is due online in the near future and it has a very tight footprint.

Just get yourself a 1.8m Dish and a £25 Sky box of Ebay and it's no Problem! I get all the BBC and TV

  Hi everyone, Regarding the BBC and in particular Radio 4 and 2   I am an avid listener to Radio 4 and miss it when I visit Italy. So a few months ago I decided once and for all to attempt to see if I could  obtain a signal. I investigated which was the best satellite receiver etc and how to  set up a dish. One day later, of moving a dish setup along our balcony and varying the up and down left to right etc I found the fine line of Astra 2 @ 28.2 and eureka BBC Radio. Our house is in Cassino which is according to the facts not easy to get a signal unless you have a pretty large dish. It may seem sad but its great to hear Radio 4 and Radio 2.  A contended listener!

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With reference to my previous reply all I can say is, silly me. I should have read up a little before replying. Oh dear such short lived pleasure. I wonder, is there any future at all regarding radio for Brits abroad? 

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Not wishing to escalate this one - I enjoy The Archers on my smartphone - it does confuse visiting Brits if I'm using the free wi-fi in a restaurant, and I up the volume for the signature tune enlightened There's a BBC Radio app, Android and Apple - works well (not geoblocked anymore) and covers all the local UK BBC Radio stations as well as the national ones. It doesn't do play it again, like the iplayer on the computer, but hopefully they'll make that happen soon.

Many moons ago I listened to the radio on the PC on a dialup modem - maybe even a 14kbps, (but I can't promise that)! It is very undemanding about speed - a download of an hour long prog takes about 50 secs on 56K - more like 10 secs on broadband. Streaming live TV does need speed - but audio (especially whatever coding the BBC uses) is incredibly economical. Give it a try!

I wouldnt eventry in Basilicata - but you may have more luck getting your internet through a WIMAX service instead of a dongle - especially if you're on a hill top.   They work on line of sight connections and are very reliable.   Telecom Italia now offers wimax as well as Si portal, and other companies.   The roll out is government funded, so even if you dont have it now, you should have it this year at some point.