Landslide risk map for Le Marche

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06/24/2009 - 16:07

Hiya!Does anyone have access to landslide data for Le Marche, particularly in the region of Val D'Aso? I gather the IFFI data should be online at but the site seems unreachable :(I've found some fairly low resolution maps on the internet (eg ) but was wondering if anyone here has come across high resolution data for the area that I can have a look at? It hadn't struck me that this might be something I would need to consider but having just discovered that Montelparo is basically sliding apart, and that's close to the area we are interested in buying in, all of a sudden my interest has been piqued!Cheers for any infobrancusi



same apat site but it allows you to zoom in on certain areas.... have pointed it to the marche... but am not sure what are you are talking about in terms of whats available on the site comunes throughout italy are supposed to hold risk assesment maps for the whole territory zoning from red downwards and red zones entail much higher technical engineering surveying regarding both new and restructuring work ... which usually involves much higher costs in regards to foundations will have a further look through various files as i had a much better mapping system but i cannot remember the name...  hopefully the above will help 

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Brilliant - yes a huge help thanks. Luckily the area I'm looking at is just on the bottom of the montegiorgio square so I can align it with google earth and check all is well.Thanks again!Brancusi 

been away all today and didnt have a chance to look through old records but followed your link to the marche site and thats pretty well like the one i used to use or use in abruzzo     thought i had lost it.. so thanks from me too