Tethering an iPhone on TIM?

szq Image
05/29/2009 - 16:04

Hi,I will be moving into my house in at the end of June and have to wait until 3.08.09 (minimum) for Telecom Italia to put in the appropriate infrastructure for broadband and telephone line.I had originally hoped to use my skype mobile from 3 in uk (which i have tethered in the past) but as they are withdrawing their "3 like home" deal, that will be impossible.As a result of that and a broken mobile, I now have an iPhone - we have a good strong 3G signal over TIM but i'm unsure if it is possible to tether it? Any solutions/ideas out there in Geekland?My alternative is to buy an internet key/dongle but it would be good to save a few euros!Ciao for now