BBQ for L'Aquila 5th July - Urgent update

07/04/2009 - 09:28

We're very sorry to inform everyone who had intended to come along to our Barbeque tomorrow (Sunday 5th July 2009) that due to the unstable weather conditions we are forced to cancel again.The organisers fully appreciate that continuing to cancel is starting to get a bit heavy to say the least, but we are determined to hold the event in conditions that will offer the maximum enjoyment to everyone. Given the cause that we are supporting, we are sure that you will all understand, and we sincerely hope that you will still come along.To try and arrive at better / stable weather conditions we intend to hold the event in a few weeks time (date to be confirmed), and whilst this is not ideal information for those wishing to plan ahead, we feel that this is the best solution.We would also ask those kind people who have followed the progress of our plans to check out if they know anyone who was due to attend, and give them a call / e-mail / sms / pigeon post to create the least inconvenience possible.Would all those able to post a reply add something to therefore keep this info near the top of the main page.We are truly sorry for those people that we cannot contact, and hope they will forgive us. We are trying our best.(all this without slipping in some choice Derbyshire swearwords!)


Just had a huge storm which started at 7am and looks like there are more on the way, so writing this quickly before we loose the internet and electricity again.  Do hope everyone has seen the message re the BBQ and our appologies for anyone who does not. We have emailed and sent messages to as many people as we can.  Looking forward to the start of Summer! 

This mornings storm moved down into Abruzzo around 8am and what a corker it was too!The sun is out now, so hot and steamy, but I feel sure this will just add to the energy building up in the atmosphere and he storms will be back by mid afternoon. Oh joy.Good luck with the next date. I hope we can make it.I'll now email all the people I know who made donations. Most are in the UK (which has been enjoying sunshine and 30c+ for the past week!) and I'm sure they'll be mightily bemused about our weather problem.Buona domenica 

Think that theres someone up there in the clouds, that decides to "rain on our parade" every Sunday for the last 3 weeks. Hopefully, some of the UK weather that they had for Wimbledon will arrive shortly. If it's going to be on an evening, then do we all bring "mozzie" repellant?

Ciao Valentina;Whilst in theory the English would revert to the phrase "If wet in the Village Hall" we simply don't have the facilities, and the risk of lighting a Barbeque indoors is risky to say the least...The venue for the Barbeque - "The Hideaway" - is one of the most picturesque that you could imagine, and the event will be greatly enhanced by the scenery and landscapes. We also need some room for a series of funny games including the use of an inflatable Martin Johnson (England Rugby Manager) and a number of hula-hoops.Whether we hold the event indoors or outside the attendance will always be determined by the weather, simply as people won't turn out in the numbers we hope to attract unless the weather is kind to us. We're hoping for 50 paying guests at least.Access to "The Hideaway" is difficult when the weather is bad, but I can assure you that once you're there it's well worth it!

See I knew he would come to our BBQ - just stopping by to meet the people of L'Aquila first before he is on his way to Amandola! What a lovely thought.  Clooney coming to L'Aquila  Hope it raises the profile of the people of L'Aquila still living in the tents - it can't be much fun in all this rain - we have no right to complain about the weather really do we, sat watching the rain come down from the comfort of our own homes. Just lets try and raise as much as we can for them at our BBQ, whenever it may be!

The BBQ will be held on 15th July 2009 from 6.30pm onwards. Do hope that many people are still able to attend this worth while event and if you can come, please PM us. Anyone also wanting to purchase raffle tickets before the draw, please get in touch also - we would hate you to miss out! Many thanksSarah and Mark